Jimmy Green Fly Fishing Fair and Casting Expo

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  1. This years event on June 19 is ramping up. Mark it on your calendars!

    Kristen, me and anyone else will be posting updates on this thread.

  2. count me in!! this will be my first year. I can't wait to meet some of you guys there.
  3. Al Buhr, Mike Kinney, George Cook will doing casting demos. And also, any of us from the shops will be glad to help anyone who needs help with their casting!

  4. Leland that's great I'll be wanting to see you guys there. I remember you telling us before.
  5. Here's a partial list of fly shops, clubs, reps and guides:

    Creekside Angling Company; Kaufmann's Streamborn: Red Shed Fly Shop; The Avid Angler; Dan Marshall/Scott Rods; Northwest Fly Anglers; Casting for Recovery; Project Healing Waters; Pacific Fly Fishers; Orvis Bellevue; All About the Fly; George Cook/Sage Rods; Jon Covich/Winston Rods; Dick Sagara/ TFO; River Run Anglers; FFF; Emerald Waters; Arch Angler; Steelhead Fly Anglers; Washington Fly Fishing Club.

    More to come,
  6. For some reason, i keep thinking the Camp Chef may have a guy doing the cooking there. Not sure if that's true or not. ;)
  7. My "other" club,Olympic Fly Fishers of Edmonds is going to have a booth there. don't know what we will be offering yet (suggestions welcome). I volunteered to help man it. Hope to see you all there.
  8. And wait until you all hear about the free raffle or should I say raffles!

  9. Jeff, how 'bout a bourbon (or port) tasting booth? Just an idea....:)
  10. Oh . I like were your going with this.
    I'll get a cigar shop to sponsor us.
    Have a nice selection of ports and single malts.
    Maybe even get some hooter girls to act as servers.
  11. Aren't they too young or is it I'm too old? They still look good even if I can't!!!
  12. If you think their to young to admire, you are really old.
  13. Here's the final Demo lineup!

    9-9:30 Anil Srivastava - Beach Fishing
    9:30 - 10 Michael Bennett - Lake Fishing
    10 - 10:30 Dave McCoy - Beach Fishing in the PNW
    10:30 - 11 Al Buhr - Spey Casting
    11 - 12 George Cook - Fly Fishing Basics
    12-1PM Lunch
    1-1:30 Leland Miyawaki - "Fishing: the most fun you can have on the beach with your cloths on".
    1:30 - 2 Ryan Smith - Small Creek Fishing
    2-2:30 Jerry French - Switch Rods
    2:30 - 3 Mike Kinney - Fishing Basics
    3 - 3:30 Dan McCrimmon - Keep it simple, Keep it fun, Keep casting
  14. I'll have a Helios 5wt, 11' 7wt switch, and the new 13' 6" 8wt spey all loaded and ready to try.

  15. Here's a view from the Spey Competition course. There's three divisions to this competition:

    -15'1" Distance Comp: Winner gets their name on the official cape. Who wouldn't want to wear that cape??
    -13'6" "Marlow Rules": Average Caster wins top honor! This division is all about consistancy and doing just enough to get out there fishing! PRIZE: Echo Solo Spey Rod 12'9"-7/8 with an Airflo Compact Skagit. Compliments of Poppy at Red Shed!
    -Unlimited Division: The big guns!

    Something for everyone - and the 13'6" prize is AWESOME! Get on out and give it a try! Casting competitors should be onhand at 9AM to sign in & get a casting spot.
  16. Hope to see all of you tomorrow.

    Bring someone who wants to learn how to fly fish.

    Anil begins the day by giving an on the water beach presentation on lines at 9AM.

    Each of the exhibitors will have a free raffle at their booth.

    Bring some canned goods donation for the Food Bank.

    Have a great time!

  17. What a day! First, NO RAIN! The day was great - lots of great info,clinics, fun people - and the pulled pork sandwiches and coleslaw lunch rocked!

    Thanks to everyone that helped, participated, attended... special call out to Jerry D, Camp Chef and WFF for the generous donation to support lunch!

    Casting Competition Winners:
    15'1' Spey Competition winner (2 best casts = 319'): Greg Bencivenga
    13'6" Spey Comp "Average Caster" - winner of the ECHO SPEY ROD: Bill Rogers!
    Unlimited Division Winner (Longest Cast 170') - Gene Oswald!
    Single Hand Games Winner: Dylan Rose

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