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  1. What a sad day for college football. Sounds like Joe took the easy path and simply reported what was reported to him to his next level of management. Technically nothing wrong with that and one might argue that is the proper thing to do based on hearsay information of a crime. But many will say he should have contacted the police after realizing his management took no immediate action.

    Maybe we don't have the facts, a part of me hopes so as I hate to see Joe go out like this :(
  2. I don't think much of his proffesion. Moral failure is the norm.

    Go Sox,
  3. I think it's perfectly reasonable to hate to see him go out like this. Penn state has been a pretty bright beacon in terms of not being dragged down in the mud like so many div 1 schools.

    But it's also perfectly reasonable to say "What the fuck man? What is wrong with you?" to him (and to everyone who didn't get off their ass and try to help those boys).
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  4. ^^This^^
  5. This is what happens when "student athletics" becomes a, huge business. Guys like JoePa and his staff become coddled untouchables.
  6. I don't know where I'd net out, but I have been deep within the crucible of a large organization. You raise an issue and clearly see which way the winds blow and know you won't make any further progress no matter how ardent your are. This depends on the case and this seems pretty bad.

  7. Bullshit. JoePa WAS Penn state athletics....anything he wanted done was done. But $50 million a year is persuasive.

    They say he isn't a target but don't people in education have a legal obligation to report abuse? How does he get a pass?

    He should have been fired yesterday and I hope he lives his remaining years in shame....If they rescind wins for financial viloations this should wipe his record out.....
  8. Yeah, who do they think they are, the Catholic church?
    (And I can say that, I was raised one.)
  9. Don't blame "student athletics" for this. Read your local paper and you will see child abuse at all levels of our society. Kennewick HS had the namesake on it's new music hall arrested for abusing kids should we blame "band programs" for that whacko? It is the aproved alone time that gives the power these guys have over the children.

    Don't let your kid be alone in private areas with an adult. You make the rules.
  10. And if someone reports child abuse (or, you know, you see it happening in a shower stall), call the fucking cops. Don't just pass the buck upstairs like a chickenshit.
  11. If you are getting your info off the TV and Newspaper then you all are no better. There isn't much truth to either one! I'm sure not all facts are out there, and we may never know. I will wait and see what happens in the next month or so before I make a decision on the whole thing.
    Yes what happen is dead wrong but I'm sure we don't have it all yet.
  12. Go read the Grand Jury Report. The facts are there.

    Direct link to pdf:

    Be warned though, it is sickening to read. Grown men failed here and JoePa is one of them. They could have saved some of these poor boys a lifetime of pain and they did not.

    As for Sandusky, I hope he gets what's coming to him in federal prison. And I hope he gets it every night for the rest of his life.
  13. I have always been an admirer of Joe P. and the Penn State football program. What I'm not understanding is what happened to bring this again out again now? I don't recall any thing like this back in 2002 and I'm not making the connection as to why 9 years have passed and now it is news again.
  14. You don't recall anything like this back in 2002 because nobody who knew about it actually took it to law enforcement like they should have. It took the mother of an abused boy and high school officials going to the cops in 2009 to start along the path to the federal investigation that resulted in the charges against Sandusky and the others. Had JoePa or the guy who saw the kid getting raped, or the president of the college or anyone else gone to the cops in 2002 like you figure any reasonable person would have done, you WOULD have heard about it back then. But nobody did and more kids got abused and Sandusky had access to college facilities and an office there and still ran his kids charity and the public didn't know a damn thing about it.

    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." -Attributed to Edmund Burke but probably more of a paraphrasing of his ideas than anything he actually said.
  15. Thanks Josh. So nothing happened from 2002 to 2009 when the parents started investigating and got the cops involved. So during those 7 years nobody has done nothing? And the investigation has been going on for the past two years and has just now surfaced to the media?
  16. As for Sandusky I do agree. As for the rest, it shows that some know more then others and how much they all knew we will not know. Again till we find out all of it, I'm not going to throw all in the fire yet.
  17. IMO Joe, and everyone else that knew this was going on, is as guilty as Sandusky. How many kids suffered at his hands while Penn State (yes like the Catholic Church) protected their reputation? Disgusting!
  18. Where do you see Joe P knowing anything that he didn't report to his superior? He never says Paterno witnessed anything, the grad assistant did and reported what he saw the next day to Paterno who reported it to his superior. That person who is the VP of Penn State University was told of the details and neglected to report it. It is not clear the grad assistant told Paterno the extent of the abuse. We can't blame Paterno if he has been hung out to dry by people who may have been trying to protect him by not telling him the details.

    Sandusky is a predator for sure. I would bet he is trying to normalize the rape/abuse he took as a child from a superior. That is the opinon of an amatuer psycholigist/golf instructor so don't take it to seriously.

    This is a sad story at alot of levels.
  19. For the record, I’m from PA and a ’91 PSU alumnus. Nobody from the university reported the 2002 incident to the police (although Paterno reported it up the chain of command to the AD and ultimately it was reported to Gary Schultz who incidentally had oversight of the university police for those of you wondering why the “VP for business and finance” got involved). As for what “any reasonable person” would have done, well, that’s open to debate depending on who the person is. Considering Paterno, based on the indictment, it’s not clear what Mike McQueary told Paterno and we don’t know what Paterno told the AD. It’s possible (although doubtful in my mind) that Paterno did the reasonable thing based on what he was told. As far as McQueary’s actions, although very questionable, there are some other circumstances to consider. McQueary played HS football with Sandusky’s son and obviously Sandusky was one his coaches at PSU, so presumably McQueary had strong, 10 year plus relationship with Sandusky. In light of that, McQueary’s actions are somewhat understandable - he may very well have been in a state of shock regarding the locker room incident and his subsequent actions were then based on the guidance he received from his father (who also had a relationship with Sandusky).
    Nevertheless, based on the indictment, there’s no doubt in my mind that Sandusky is guilty and based on what I have read I have pretty much concluded that all parties involved here were guided by their interests, followed by the perceived interests of the university and the football program as opposed to the victims (and potential victims) and getting a pedophile off the streets. That’s inexcusable to me, and I understand the outrage. Joe

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