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  1. The removal of his statue is enough for me to not watch another college football game. I only wish that the hate generated toward one man could be half used toward Wall Street Banksters that are destroying our planet!
  2. I don't care about the cover up or if Paterno
    was involved in it.

    I do care that a coach saw the deed, and did nothing
    but report it to Paterno, who did nothing and reported
    it to the AD who did nothing, who told the University
    President and did nothing. Cover up? The lack of any action
    by these so called leaders is dispicable. No hate here just
    revulsion and disgust. Will see what the NCAA does tomorrow.

  3. glad you aren't going to watch any more. maybe if fewer people watch college sports it will have a tempering effect on the ridiculously out-of-balance reverence people have for these athletes, coaches, and universities. your short-sightedness in feeling sympathy for joe paterno above all of the REAL victims in this saga is stunning. you're that put out over a fucking statue for a guy who was so great he could lead people ON the field but OFF the field couldn't give enough moral guidance to speak up when children were being raped under his regime, in his facilities, on his watch, by his staff. "ON THE FIELD" is supposed to be a metaphor for real life, not the reverse. if you can't lead people to real life integrity, who gives a shit about football?
  4. College football is the best sport going in my opinion regardless of what happened at PSU. Less then 45 days till kickoff!
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  5. "Shortsightedness"! You don't get it. It's not about his football win-loss record. It's about what he did for hundreds of young men. His statue stood for what the man did for kids not for football. Try to understand that not all of us are the football freaks you are trying to label. You are sounding like the media with your self projected portrayals (sympathy for Joe Paterno "above" all of the real victims).
    Would it be fair for me to portray you as a corporate pig who puts the $ over our environment? Probably not. Try not to lump us all into a group of demonic sports junkies.
  6. "Shortsightedness" You don't get it, It's not about football win-loss records,
    It's about what he allowed to be done to dozens of young boys.
    Rape.....lives destroyed..
    Football is a great sport, but like all it can be
    sullied by pretenders more worried about a legacy
    than reality.
  7. i can sympathize that your loyalty to this person is tied up in your feelings about what he did for "young men" and "kids". but what puts the ultimate footnote on his legacy is what he did NOT do for young men and kids. maybe we are more alike than not.
  8. I didn't know that this joepa guy was a fly fisherman?
    Hey, earlier talk about "pellet" flies reminded me of the days when we would fish the pools on a stream where the hatchery truck had dumped its load. We would throw a handful of small pebbles into the pool and when all the trout went into a feeding frenzy we'd chuck our flies in the middle.
    Fun stuff.
  9. Just curious how a relativly fit adult man can walk in on an old man raping a kid in a shower and somehow that rapist doesn't leave the situation stuffed in a f-ing Centre County body bag? I honestly don't think I know one man who wouldn't have smashed that guys head off of the floor until it blew apart like a balloon full of cherry jello.
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  10. Depravities, shirked responsibilities, and fallen idols aside, I'm sure you've all read about the steep penalties the NCAA applied to Penn State today. I must say, I have very mixed feelings about the penalties because they will punish innocent students and athletes who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Seems like the "leadership" (term used in the loosest possible context) including the board of trustees should take the overwhelming brunt of this.
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  11. That's absolutely correct. and teach your kids to avoid those situations. As a scout leader the rules are the kids are NEVER allowed to be with less than 2 leaders.
  12. I too thought of this and the students... One thing that the NCAA did do is allow any of the athletes to transfer without penalty or to use the scholorship to complete their education and not have to play football. The athletic program as a whole will suffer forever for these misdeeds.
  13. +2
  14. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  15. joepa,

    It is refreshing to read that someone else actually took the time to read Freeh's report and saw exactly what I did, that there was no real evidence that Paterno was involved in a cover-up. But that there is (and was listed in Freeh's report) plenty of evidence the Curley was involved in covering things up all the way to his eyebrows.

    Go fish and others,

    Heck, yesterday the Chairman of the Penn State Board of Directors said (admitted would be the better term) that "Freeh's report was admittedly one-sided and flawed". He then went on to say that firing Paterno and removing his statue was the "best course for the university to take in order to get this behind and get on with the business of education". If this isn't an admission that the Board took the actions it did in order to make the Sandusky affair go away quickly, even if it meant that Paterno had his character asassinated while doing so, so be it. And as for what the NCAA did, if their actions weren't designed to send a message to the media, other school, and anyone else that the NCAA will come down very hard on any school and cause the removal of games won by that school if something involving kids happens, then none of us have posted a thing on this thread.

    Also keep in mind that McQuerry, the then grad assistent who walked in on Sandusky didn't tell Paterno exactly what he saw. In McQuerry's testimony to the Grand Jury he said he told Paterno that "he saw Sandusky in the shower with a boy and was hugging the boy." Paterno didn't just tell this to the Athletic Director, who was his boss as he was required by policy to do, Paterno also told this to the VP in charge of the campus police force. Why is he being crucified for not telling law enforcement when he in fact told the chief of police?

    As has been reported and mentioned many times herein this thread by myself and a few others, Paterno reported what he was told. Paterno wasn't told by McQuerry that Sandusky was sodomizing a boy, instead he was told by McQuerry that Sandusky was in the shower hugging a boy, which is what Paterno reported to the Athletic Director and the VP in charge of campus police. Paterno wasn't charged with a crime by the Grand Jury. The Grand Jury found no fault in what Paterno did because he did what he was supposed to do by University policy (i.e. report what McQuerry told his to his boss, the Athletic Director) and did what was legally required by reporting it to the VP in charge of campus police (i.e. he reported it to the chief of police). The Grand Jury charged Curley, former President Spanier, and the VP in charge of campus police with multiple crimes, for which they have upcoming trials.

    Yet despite these facts, the media and I dare say, many others have decided without any evidence whatsoever that Paterno was guilty and that he and his family should pay for Sandusky's crimes. I hope this isn't too strong as far as language, but What a crock! This is tatamount to saying that the manager of the movie theater in Aurora, CO was guilty and responsible for the dude that shot and killed of wounded all those folks at the Batman showing last Friday. Or that the mayor of Aurora shares in the guilt and should be held responsible somehow for this man's crimes because he didn't have the police stop it before the dude killed 12 and wounded 50 some other people.
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