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    Reporting it to his superior was not enough for the kids that were molested after Joe and his superior knew about it.

    Do you think for a minute he just walked in and reported it and then nothing was ever said again?

    If I reported something like that to my boss and I keep seeing the guy at work everyday I'm going to ask what the F is going on. And take it to the authorities myself...that's a cop out...if this is proven, they need to tatoo "I'm a child molester" or "I enable child molesters" on their foreheads and throw everyone that knew anything about this in prison...and let the boys in there do with them as they please.
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    Paterno reported what someone else saw to the Vp of Penn State University. It's not like he called the Athletic director or some alumni to cover it up. Yeah I agree in hindsight he didn't go far enough but let's not lose sight of the fact that he did report it.
  4. Jeff Sawyer

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    I don't think the parents of any of the victims after this incident will be standing in line to give him a medal for that.
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    Someone at your workplace tells you they witnessed a coworker commiting a violent felony against a child at your place of work and you tell your boss! Let's say the grad assistant and Joe P. didn't work there, just two people visiting the campus. Who should they report it to? Iis it different since they are associated with the school? If you are are afraid of repercusions then why do you work for an organization that puts it's intrest above the safety of children? Shouldn't Joe have handed his cell phone to the grad assitant and said, "who's calling 911, me or you?"
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    who here would not have rescued that boy, pummeled Sandusky and left him on the floor, clothed the boy, then called the police right away? Anyone?
    Another thing, if there are nine boys known to have been raped I quarantee you there were many more boys hurt and damaged over those long years. I treated sex offenders and abuse survivors in therapeutic settings so I am well-informed on the topic. There is lots of blame to be shouted out and it looks like most of it is deserved. Sex offenders don't stop. THey don't stop. I could tell you stories...
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    What pisses me off the most is the Joe had a chance to be a REAL hero.
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    I'd actually recommend you not read it. It will sicken you. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for Paterno or anyone else who had knowledge of a heinous crime and did nothing. WTF would you do if an employee came to you and related what this guy saw? Would you just tell your "boss" (as if Joe P. isn't the real boss of the athletic department) and then forget it and go back to work? It was the rape of a child! And, what excuse does this so-called graduate assistant, now an assistant coach, have for failing to intervene, much less calling the police when he KNEW nothing was being done?

    All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
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    Didn't this really start in 1999, when Sandusky resigned unexpectedly. He quit at age 55, which should be prime time for a coach and someone who was a possible successor to Paterno. So why did he quit???
    My thoughts are this fire started long before the reported 2002 incident, which makes it even more egregious that it wasn't report to the police.
    Joe Paterno need to go now, not at the end of the season.
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    Yeah, it's sure sounding that way:
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    And to be honest, I don't see how anyone could read that article about the 1998 investigation and still give JoePa a pass on this. You telling me the god of State College didn't know that his defensive coordinator was involved with an investigation like this? I suppose it's possible, but I find it HIGHLY unlikely. Particularly since Sandusky went from being labeled as "Paterno's successor" to someone who was completely out of coaching football by 1999. You don't think word got around about what happened in 1998? Any whiff of a possibility that Sandusky was doing the EXACT sort of thing that he had been doing in 1998 should have set off alarm bells for everyone. Yeah, the guys higher up are the ones who really need the asskicking (aside from sandusky obviously). But I find it REALLY hard to believe that JoePa somehow just "missed the boat" on this whole thing.

    He failed as a human. Failing in one way or another is something we all do. But just as we all have to pay for our failures, so should he. One mistake doesn't negate the good he has done when the whole of his life is considered. But nor does that good excuse a failure of this magnitude.
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    It's all outlined in the indictment. The first incident occurred in 1998 and it was investigated by the State College Police Department but no charges resulted. It's hasn't been established that Sandusky was forced out as a result, but in light of what is now known it's certainly not a stretch to conclude that the 98 incident (and god knows what else) was the reason he abruptly retired in 1999. Additionally, there is the curious account of Paterno famously blowing off Sandusky at his retirement dinner. Seems Paterno couldn’t stomach attending an honorary dinner for Sandusky back in 99 but yet was somehow ok with the administration allowing him access to the campus with emeritus status as recently as last week. As far as I'm concerned, they need to immediately clean house - fire all the staff with any connection to this (and deal with the wrongful termination issues later), reach out to the victims, physically destroy the football locker room facility where that abuse happened, establish the largest scholarship fund for sex abuse victims, and set-aside a big pile of their endowment money to research ways to help prevent abuse and treat abuse victims.
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    This. And you should be granted a new screen name!
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    You said it.

    I want to hear/read his explanation at some point before I totally pass judgement... he has done a lot of good. We all make mistakes...some are more costly than others but this is about as big as it gets. Still, if they are laying out blame, it has to start from the top and work its way down, meaning the president and the AD should be held to a higher accountability. With more duty and responsibility comes more accountability.
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    I couldnt agree more, how the janitor walked by and didnt return with a lead pipe to finish that chimo off is beyond me.

    Personally I cant believe this happend under Joe's watch.

    Even to make this creepier I was recruited by PSU and I still have a pile of letters signed by Sandusky
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    It actually wasn't a janitor, it was a 28 year old grad student who is now a coach there (this guy I'd like to think I would have been man enough to grab whatever was at hand and beat the shit out of anyone I saw doing something like that. But even if you gave the guy the benefit of the doubt at the time that he did the best he could under duress (which I don't believe), how could he spend all the time since then walking around knowing what he saw, knowing Sandusky was still around, and knowing that he did nothing to help the kid? If I were that kid and I knew this guy had seen me and did nothing to save me......I dunno.
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    Well, the self righteous, pontificators get their wish. Joe Pa is done. I'm sure all of you would have jumped right in and done the right thing had you been in this man's position. Could any of you really walk a half mile in this man's shoes?
  18. Josh

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    What the fuck, really? Are you really asking if I would have gone to the cops if I heard that a guy I knew to be a problem with young boys was AGAIN caught messing around with them in the showers? Hell yes I would have. Or maybe you are asking if I had seen a 60 year old man ass raping a small boy in the shower if I would have jumped right in and done something? Are you out of your mind?

    That has to be the stupidest thing I have ever read on this forum. Anyone who says to them selves "well I sure don't know if I would have helped that little boy" is a pathetic pile of shit.
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    Are you serious here? I HAVE intervened and I HAVE saved someone. Want to walk in my shoes? Paterno was done all those years ago when he did not do what is right and good. His shoes are worn out.
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    There are those times when the chain of command starts with you, or first responder, and I agree this is one where the chain of command started with first contact to excuse whatsoever not to act. Whether you make initial contact or get someone who will immediateley.....there is only one choice, at least to me and based on my upbringing.