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  1. Anybody who attempts to inject 'situational' ethics into this extreme moral and criminal transgression upon a child has serious personal problems. Such perpetrators...and their tacit accomplices, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law....and where that is not lawfully possibly, they well deserve the revulsion that decent society levels upon such deviants. What would you feel about JoPa's behavior if that was your 10 year old son (or grandson) in the shower with Sandusky? Does the 'reputation' and 'honor' of Penn State football even figure into the equation?
  2. I'll accept your title of being self righteous and a pontificator. I will answer your question as simply as I can. Hell yes I could have walked a half mile or more in Joe's shoes. Rest assured, had I been in his shoes I would have taken my first walk to the perpetrator of an unforgivable crime and used those shoes to stop a mudhole in his ass so deep they would need DNA testing to identify him.

    Character is measured by what you do when people are NOT watching. You may not like it, but I'm an online character with character.

    When the whole truth comes out in court, let justice be done to all those who did not make it right. My deepest regrets to those involved.
  3. Really? Are you saying you could stroll right through and see full blown violation. Then walk away and just chalk it up as " just coach being coach".

    How could you live with yourself? How could you not take some kind of action? Im not talking about calling the cops. How could you not take immediate decisive action, like right fucking now action!

    Just blows my mind
  4. If I had been walking in his shoes at least one of them would still be up Sandusky ass.
  5. iagree

    and just for clairification the first reported incident, according to the grand jury report, was a janitor in 1994. He saw another boy getting ass raped in the shower and reported it to his supervisor who told him how to report it if he chose too. Apparently he chose not to.

    Alot of people, Joe Pa included, had an opportunity to put this shit to a stop and didn't. I hope the parents and victims sue Penn State out of existence. It won't fix what happened to those boys, but it will send a message that there are consequences to covering up shit like this.

    And I pray that I'm never so self absorbed, or that I care so much about a damn football game, or a college program that I would turn my head and let little boys be raped and sodmized and keep my mouth shut to protect a sports programs reputation. Those are the shoes Joe Pa walked in.

    Signed: Self-righteous pontificator (aka Jeff Sawyer)
  6. It has come to light that Paterno never once confronted Sandusky or even talked to him about IT. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting. No athletic program is worth the torture off one child, but that is what was condoned.

    Signed: Self-righteous pontificator
  7. Have you noticed how this was all kept hush-hush until Paterno became the all time winningest coach in history a couple of weeks ago? For a few days he was the most celebrated coach in the history of the game. Fast forward to now and he is gone, disgraced and humiliated. His record is forever sullied and essentially meaningless now.

    The stand-up guy didn't stand up when it counted.

  8. Amen to that! And all to save the reputation of a college sports program. Wow!
  9. Protecting the programs reputation was and is always the number one concern in todays educational enviroment. whether that be protecting the team or covinging for the school itself. i think frankly, he did, and his management team did, what any other coach or coaches would do.
    i am so angry at the guy who witnessed, this, why did he not report this to police, even after reporting it up his chain of command and seeing that this was not taken care of, why did he then not call police, same for Joe. and why, did that guy that discovered this not immediately rescue that kid, and beat that coach to death, and i mean it, to death! did that little coward, just sneak around the corner, think about his career first then leave it like a coward for someone else to handle. any man that witnesses a child being raped and does not atleast attempt to beat that man to death is a fking coward and needs to spend as much time in jail as the offender, make them room mates!
  10. And if that is sad and pathetic!
  11. Does anyone know what brought this back to the spot light of the media? I cant believe I havent heard of these atrocoties until last week.

    Im still waiting for the second boot to drop, I wouldnt be all that surpised if the NCAA leveys the "Death Sentance" to PSU, similar to what they hammered SMU with. Considering that Eric Dickerson had be given a car and other player received cash bonuses was enough to have SMU cancel two seasons. And how does that compare to a coach and not just a "coach" the friggin D cordinatior ass raping a boy in the locker room; not even close! I have a feeling that the deeper the NCAA digs more and more abused boys will be uncovered.
  12. After coaching at penn state,maybe joes next coaching job will be a the state penn
  13. Possibly, but at this point, tough as it may be to accept, all involved are still innocent until proven guilty.
  14. I've tried to be quiet and not respond to this thread, bui I find myself getting increasingly digusted by the "news media" not accurately reporting the fact the Paterno wasn't the one who gave Sandusky permissionn to use the facilities, it was the athletic director who did. Sandusky left Penn State's employ through retirement 3 years before (in 1999) this 2002 incident. Paterno did not have the authority to give Sandusky emeritus status, Paterno's boss, the Athletic Director did and he granted emeritus status to Sandusky. Paternon was also not able to grant permission to Sandusky the use of the facility; However, the Athletic Direct did have the authority to do so and he did. Since he was Paterno's boss, Paterno couldn't ban Sandusky from the facilities. The "news media" knows this, or could very easily find it with almost no investigative journalism time or effort whatsoever. So why haven't they reported the facts accurately?

    As to who Paterno told after the grad assistant told him he saw Sandusky in the shower with the boy (and it is clear in the Grand Jury report that the grad assistant hadn't told Paterno the specific, graphic detail of what he saw), Paterno told the 2 people he needed to in order to put and end to 1) Sandusky being able to use the facilities -namely the Athletic Director who had granted him permission to use them; and 2) the VP who was in charge of campus police and is in effect the Chief of Police or the Police Commissioner or the Sheriff of University Park, PA. It did not happen in State College, PA, and the State College, PA police has no durisdictiion in University Park, PA.

    Paterno tells the Chief of Police (VP Schultz) and the fellow who could remove Sandusky's permission to use the facilities (the Athletic Director) and ban Sandusky from the facilities. And for this he is vilified in the press. What a country we live in. If someone witnessed a now retired city employee molesting a boy in a city parks building that said retired employee needed permission from the Parks and Recreation Director to use and the one who witnessed it reports it to the head of maintenance of the parks and recreation department, and then the head of the parks and rec dept goes to the chief of police and reports as well as the parks and rec. director who else is he supposed to tell? If the chief of police and the parks and rec director don't do anything, you are pretty much stuck because what other law enforcement head are you going to report it to since you've already reported it to the chief of police?
    And lest we forget, some time would pass before the head of maintenance would even know if anything had been done. Plus, if the parks and rec director continues to allow this retired employee to use the facilities, he can't stop the retired fellow from using them.

    This is what happened to Paterno. And the "news media" either knows it, or should have taken the very small amount of time it would take to find this stuff out before asking for Paterno's head.

    I'm equally disgusted with Pennsylvania's Governor, who was the state's Attorney General in the past so he knows the legal requirements for reporting in PA's law, which is different from WA's requirements with his statement that although Paterno did what the law requires, he had a moral responsibility to do more. What kind of double-speaking crap is that!! Paterno does what Pennsylvaina law requires and he reports it to law enforment (the chief of police no less), but he was supposed to do more; exactly what more was he supposed to do?

    Oh that's right, he is 84 years old, has been the head coach at Penn State for 46 years, and it is time for him to go. Plus, the PA governor and the State Police Commissioner both said although Paterno did was he was legally required to do and there are not criminal investigations or charges being investigated regarding Paterno, he was in the wrong for following the law and doing what he was legally required to do.

    So Paterno is fired for what?, following the law and doing what he was legally required to do!! And the President of the University was fired as well! For what?! The VP in charge of law enforcement (the police chief) not telling him about it!! Sure looks to me like the governor and board of trustess decided the easiest thing to do what fire both of them, afterall the President of the University has announced he was retiring next June and Paterno announced he was going to retire at the end of this football year. Funny thing is, the trustees did not fire either the VP in charge of campus police (Schultz) who chose to do nothing after Paterno reported it to him and despite the fact that he has been charged with perjury because he lied to the Grand Jury, or the Athletic Director who also chose to allow Sandusky to continue using the facilites after Paterno reported the incident to him (he has also been charged with perjury for lying to the Grand Jury. The both of these men in my humble opinion are the ones who should have been fired for they are the ones who did not do what they were legally required to do and have even lied to the Grand Jury.

    My what a screwed up world we live in when the chief of police and the man in charge of granting permission to people no longer employed by the university the ability to use the athletic facilities who did nothing after it was reported to them get to keep their jobs and the "news media" is virtually silent about their not doing what they should have legally done. Instead, the news media villifies the man (Paterno) who did what he should have done and that he was legally required to do and pronounce him guilty while not reporting things accurately through leaving out the very important details about it having been the chief of police of University Park, PA along with the the fellow who had granted (and continued to grant) Sandusky permission to use the facilities.

    And for the record, I am a 1975 graduate of Penn State.
  15. I believe he met the legal requirements. I believe the legal requirements fall far short of where I'd like to see from a proper moral standpoint. Sometimes the citizens in society move the laws to a progressive level that is better for society. Sometimes they regress.
  17. Joe knew and did nothing.Firing is the least he should suffer.

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