john and coulter creek chums

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    im working in the area and pretty new to the scene to southsound but johns creek is pretty stacked with chums right now caught 2 in the mouth at low tide today and accidently snagged 1 but lots of fish only to get better in a week or two. the real gem is coulter creek. i stop there over the bridge there yesterday to glance in the water,so many fish there and i looked down to the estuary and there was fish jumping everywhere, i mean everywhere and not a soul there fishin either, no shore access thou. float tube maybe. there is a boat launch in the port of allyn past befair then just drve left to you come to the end of the inlet then there it is. my boss says it was real hot before they closed the access. he has a salmon trout steelhead magazine about 20 years old with a article on coulter creek. so i hpoe to see someone there this weekend. later Ben
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    I've looked into Coulter Creek for cutts, never fished it though. Theres usually lots of salmon, though, and a couple weeks ago there were some huge kings waiting to be let into the hatchery. The estiary looks really nice, but its private property. If you fish it, be sure to tell us how it is.
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    Is the boat-launch public?How far is it from the estuary? Could you row it in a drift boat? Hmmm.
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    There is a boat launch across the bay at the small town there (I believe it is called Wauna.) If you are in good shape, I wouldn't hesitate rowing across. It is perhaps 1/2 -3/4 mile to the mouth of the creek. The fish tend to congregate the entire shoreline down from the creek mouth. The actual estuary itself is quite shallow.

    The silvers there tend to have major cases of lockjaw by the time they get down to the creek mouth. I hope you do well.
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    hey coho is coulter creek one of those places that totally dry up at low tide where you will be stuck for hours. and how shallow is the estuary. in my northwest coastal fishing guide it doesnt even have a depth at the end of the inlet that means a very large area is under a fathom. having doubts but there sure is alot of chums and a few big silvers. Ben