John Campbell J.H. Hale PT 4/0

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Mark Mercer, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. Mark Mercer Member

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    Here's one I finished last night, I think it's one of my better one's at least proportion wise. Head might be a bit big, thats because I finished it and realized I forgot the horns so I had to redo it, what a pain. The black floss isn't too great.... I really need to get some cotton gloves before the next one. Anyway hope you like it.

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  2. Brian Thomas Active Member

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    Beautiful work Mark . Your floss work , which " isn't too great " is far better than anything I`ve ever done . And the head looks good .
  3. S Fontinalis Active Member

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    looks great, head is fine. Head size is proportional to amount of material tied in...lots of material, lots of head!

    Great fly, definitely your best of the recent you've posted!
  4. speyflyfisher Member

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    Mark, That's one well proportioned fly! The head to me just the right size to me.
    The only thing that could improve the fly is a bit fuller tail, The shape and length is great but it just looks a bit sparse in the picture.

  5. Mark Mercer Member

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    Thanks everyone for the kind words..... For the most part, I''m pretty happy with it but as you all know, there's always things that need improvement and the tail is one, I need to get another GP head.

    Eunan, I'm really starting to notice the looks (or lack of) the CS6 hooks and ordered some Harrison-Bartleet's yesterday and hopefully that will help some with the end appearance of the fly. Anyway, I'm enjoying tying these right now but will probably put them on hold again till next winter, maybe not?
  6. Jamie Wilson Active Member

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    What is the finish you guys use on the heads - looks almost like plastic
    Very - very nice!!
  7. Mark Mercer Member

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    Jamie, I've used a couple of things but mostly Sally Hanson's hard as nails clear finger nail polish. On this fly I stopped at the dollar store and bought some black and clear nail polish ($2) and it worked just as well but needed a extra coat of clear, 1 coat black and 2 or 3 clears clear. I've also used Loon hard head in the past.