John Deer Green

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Marty, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Fun summer fly


    Tip: silver oval tinsel
    Tag: green silk
    Tail: G.P. crest
    Body: Three colors of green seal with a gadwall flank feather started at the second turn of rib.
    Rib: Silver oval and flat pearl Mylar
    Collar: Dyed black pheasant rump fronted by natural guinea.
    Wing: Dark green, light green and chartreuse goose shoulder with one fiber of bustard.
  2. And the tag

  3. Marty, this is once again a very sexy tie. You have me convinced that seal dubbing is the way to go, since it completes the tie in every way. Thanks for posting.
  4. Great tie. Its cool to see what others can do.

  5. Very nice Marty. I'm bummed that I missed out on the Spey This Swap.

  6. Marty, very nice!! Steelhead don't like green....:thumb:
  7. Grate spey fly and nice style:beer2:
  8. Steelhead do like green when the water is the right temperature. When the water is cold to the steelhead and its sunny, they like bright green with a little hot pink and lots of silver flash. The fly that Marty tied will work well in green water, sunny day and the water temperature is comfortable to the steelhead and will work fair on cloudy days and the water is warm to the steelhead. Green patterns always work on fresh steelhead because the dominant chemical in the eye is in the blue, green and yellow spectrum and dark reds are seen as black and light reds are see as the color of the water just the same as whites look. After the steelhead has been in the river for a while then the dominant chemical in its eye has changed to the red spectrum. But because red is filtered out by clear and green water, reds are only seen as red in the shallows. In the deep clear or green water reds appear as black and the water color depending upon the shade of red. I think Marty's fly is great.

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