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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by GAT, Dec 22, 2012.

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    This is an example of less is more. It is so simple, I was hesitant in posting the pattern.

    Back when the dinosaurs roamed the planet and I was writing a fly tying column for Fly Fishing magazine, one of my friends, Jon Hazen, suggested I write up one of his patterns because it worked so well for him.

    I looked at the pattern and I looked at him. "Really?" I asked. "Really" he replied.

    Being the doubtful type I am, I couldn't believe something so simple would catch fish. Well, it does.
    In fact, when I once partook of demonstration fly tying at the Oregon FFF Fly Tying Expo, two guys showed up who sought me out to tell me how grateful they were that I included the pattern in the column. They claimed it was their "secret fly" and worked fantastically at their favorite flyfishing lake.

    The only change they made to the pattern was to use a small red bead for the head.

    Jon's Generic


    The pattern is intentionally tied fat and scruffy. I've tried tying it in a slimmed down version and no dice, it didn't work.

    The tail is short, black hackle feather fibers. The body is coarse dubbing. No rib. The head MUST be red or it will not work. Jon first designed it to fish for bass but it works equally well for trout.

    Go figure.
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  2. Beachmen Active Member

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    that looks fantastic. do you have any with a little icedub mixed in it?
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    Given the shape, I'd say it resembles a dragonfly nymph.
  4. zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

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    Seemed like a stonefly to me.
  5. GAT Active Member

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    John created the pattern before there was such a thing as ice dub.
    It seems to work as-is so I haven't tried changing any of the materials.

    Maybe it looks like a water beetle or back swimmer to the fish. Maybe a small dragonfly nymph. I don't know. Guess to a fish, it looks like something to eat... whatever that is.
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  6. Richard Olmstead BigDog

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    What size(s) do you tie it in?
  7. GAT Active Member

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    sizes 12-14 They don't seem to work tied smaller or larger. Just adds to the mystery.
  8. Tim Cottage Formerly tbc1415

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    Well, now that you have said, "The head MUST be red or it will not work." I am duty bound to tye a few in any head color but red just to see what happens.
    If any of them do work I promise not to tell anyone. ;)

  9. GAT Active Member

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    Someone on another forum claimed he ties the pattern with a black head and it works. I told him he is mentally deranged and/or, a pathological liar. The red head is absolutely required!!! :)

    All I can go by is my experience and the red at the head is the only way I can get the sucker to work. That may not be the case where you fish and it wouldn't surprise me in the least that the red head is not always required. There is no such thing as "always" in fly fishing... just "usually".