July Fly Salon

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  1. Thx for the materials list.Where do you find the dyed starling?
  2. Re dyed starling, I found the first few at The Caddis Fly (Eugene, OR or online), they are a Hareline Dubbin product, so most any fly shop should be able to order. A couple I dyed myself, but the ones I bought were brighter - took more dye than I was expecting, I guess the skin soaks it up.
  3. anyone start one for August??
  4. I haven't seen anything for August??? I think it is too late now and many are on vacation and chasing fish I think??
    I'd be glad to do the September Salon.
  5. Use of Starling: Last year, I ran out of Jungle Cock eyes. Looking for a substitute, I picked up a $5 starling skin and was surprised at the variety of feathers. So, I used Starling until I could find some suitable Jungle Cock. Starling is sometimes referred to as the "Poor Man's Jungle Cock". The feathers, however, aren't quite as durable as Jungle Cock. "Dave's Mistake" is a Dave McNeese pattern. DSC04474.JPG
  6. Jack I vote you jump in for September
  7. I would enjoy doing the September Salon. Too bad we missed August but probably a sparsely attended month. Everyone fishing and traveling I think.
    I will post the Salon subject on Sunday.
  8. Thanks Ron. All our "mistakes" should be as good as Mr. McNeese's .
  9. Thanks Jackd! I'l be back in the game for this one. I feel like I abandoned my creation...
  10. Thomas this was a great idea

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