June Cartoon

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by GAT, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. It doesn't come up for me..
  2. You were too quick on the draw. I made a last minute change.
  3. Sorry
  4. Why aren't you out fishing?
  5. If someone invented a coffee cup holder that sat on your wading belt they would make millions....
  6. I want bone of these pontoons!
  7. Nice one Gene, but the barriesta..sp?..should be a bikini clad babe.

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  8. fixed that for you
  9. Broke.
  10. You or your rig?
  11. That is just wrong.
  12. Something like this...

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  13. Good one's Gene!!! There's times in the winter when I wouldn't mind seeing one of those float by.....Don't know about the cup holder tho?
  14. There have been a couple of times steelheading that I would have paid ten dollars for a cup of hot coffee.... to pour into my waders.
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  15. Me,but it's a new month and I'm flush again. Thank goodness for my pension and SS.

    The last two months have been buggers. I had to go to Ohio in April and that cost me to damn much and last month I had to go to Washington and that wasn't cheap either. But no more damn trips until the next one.
  16. Send me your itinerary!
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  17. Ten bucks for a cup? How much for a full thermos?:)
  18. If I had a cup holder on my waders it wouldn't be for a hot cup of coffee.
  19. The liquid in the wader cup holder cup is not necessarily coffee...

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