Jupiter FL morning snooking

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by mbowers, Jun 28, 2012.

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    I took the 1236 jon boat out at sunrise for some easy poling on the flats before work. The tide had just turned to outgoing and there was 18inches of water near shore. I was on the bow for 5 minutes when there was a swirl near my 4/0 grey Crease fly right after it landed. Some quick strips produced a huge wake behind the fly but I had to stop before getting too close to the boat. The fish swirled again while looking at the stopped fly. One more little twitch and the water exploded. The snook torpedo was on and heading for the mangroves! We got the boat next the mangroves and she ran off to the channel where she was quickly brought boatside. A couple of pics and she was back in the water. It was now my turn on the pushpole. We had many more shots with several decent follows and swirls but only barracudas would bite down. In the office by 9am.


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    Great report! Sounds like a ton of fun!
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    Nice!!!!! Beautiful snook!! That's the way to spend the morning before work!!
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    Dude, I was so close that day! But my tarpon earlier made up for it. You know anytime you are in the area I'll be taking you out for sure.

    Nice catch.