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Discussion in 'Patterns' started by mike doughty, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. mike doughty

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    I have one question, actually it has to do with deer hair and as i am sure everyone knows by now, i don't know crap about. this is my first real attempt at what i think is deer hair stacking. i took a clump and tied it on and it rolled around the hook, i did the same with a second clump. i clipped the butts as best i could and pulled the rest back and tied down as you can see. my question is, do you think i should clip the bottom deer hair or leave it as is. i am not sure which would have a better effect or float better if either way would be better then the other.
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    I always clip the bottom. Not sure of the technical aspects of your question, or if it is simply a matter of preference. I was staying at a B&B in Missoula last year and they had a fly tying show on the local PBS. They were tying a Madam X, and clipped the deer hair on the bottom. I've done it on all patterns ever since.

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    Nice fly Mike, I trim the lower hair on mine, but do what you wish, the legs will aid stability.

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    I was cruising through the internet and it seems that most of the other compareable patterns are clipped on the bottom as well, i just wasn't sure if it would affect it's floatability. thanks.