Just a pic post for ya'll.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by MacRowdy, Sep 30, 2002.

  1. Howdy, MacRowdy!! Welcome! Nice Fish!


    "In our family, there is no clear
    line between religion and fly
    fishing" Norman Maclean
  2. Ya buddy! I have to admit that I've known MR. MacRowdy for at least 15 years. I have been telling him to join the group for a while now, glad to see he's finally here. Welcome :THUMBSUP YT
  3. Nice swamp trout! :COOK
  4. Ya dave, nice fish. The gangs all here! I need to get a pic up too! :THUMBSUP YT
  5. Hey DW,
    Sweet fish! Isn't it a little bit funny how we are all pretty much addicted!
    ~MacRowdy :HAPPY
  6. Hey thanks for the welcome. The Maclean quote is a classic.


  7. Piscean,
    Talk about swamp trout! That place was as bad as it gets for swamp river fishing (at least in Eastern Wa). I slipped off this little piece of wood I was standing on one time and both legs went down down down, not even close to touching bottom. Good thing I have super powers and immediately used them to levitate out of there. You should have seen the pile of mud I left at the super suds carwash in Ephreta.
  8. Question

    why does that look like a sockeye?
    Of course i did see a bow like that on this one trashed lake thats full of pike
    Tight Lines From Alaska
  9. Crump, Beauty Swamp Trout bro! You gotta love em!
  10. RE%3A Just a pic post for ya%27ll.

    Ya, I remember that day TM101 hooked into this fish. He had mentioned he saw a midge hatch coming off so he put one on, a size 22 as I recall. Nice fish considering he was using a sage 1wt fairy wand and 3 lb tippet. 52 hours into it he finally brought it in. Great job!
  11. All I gotta say is that I've been laughing for 5 minutes straight! That is so cool troutman101. The funniest part are your hands!

  12. RE%3A Just a pic post for ya%27ll.

    That's hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.
  13. RE%3A Just a pic post for ya%27ll.

    You were close Chris,

    This was a photo from the Missouri River 3 years ago. I haven't caught as many or as big since. It was the best 3 days of my trout fishing life. I even used a self improved pattern that I tied while my girlfriend was driving from Ennis. It is hard tying size 18 PMD emergers while driving down the highway.

    Great fishing though.
  14. RE%3A Just a pic post for ya%27ll.

    Your hands bro. That's all I gotta say. I am dying over here. Ok that's not all I gotta say. Whitey and I were just on the phone a minute ago and we couldn't stop laughing. Esp. Chris' commentary.

  15. Hey, I know that guy - wow, it's been a long time! ;) Nice fish bud!

    Since we're sharin' pics, here's a pic from my recent trip on the Alagnak River.

    - DW
  16. heres my swamp trout too, kind of
  17. RE%3A Just a pic post for ya%27ll.


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