Just acquired some polar bear hair (Don't hurt me)

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by mozart, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Disclaimer: I did not purchase this, nor did I ask for it. It was given to me by someone else who know a native that lives in Alaska who brought some of this down while visiting the area.

    Anyway, what do people normally tie with this? It's beautiful. Really fluffy and I can tell whatever is going to be tied with this will float like Rosanne Barr.. Maybe I can substitute CDC for this..
  2. hairwing steelhead flies
  3. Polar bear is solid, won't float, good for steel head flies. Don't get caught with it without documentation.

  4. That's surprising you say that. The hair I have seems pretty fluffy. But who knows when I get it in water.

    Another disclaimer: By no means am I a poacher and condone the sale or handling of hair from an animal that can be deemed as endangered or threatened. I'm a full supporter of PETA (Let the flames begin).

    Another question: What's so desirable about this type of hair. I mean, couldn't it be substituted with another type of hair? Should I discard it?

    Edited: Because the white and red wine has taken effect..
  5. Do not discard and don’t lose sleep over it. First how long are the longest fibers on the patch? Are they mostly straight or are they kinked. Are they bright white or kind of yellowish? I save my (legal) polar bear for steelhead flies and use it mostly on standard wets and prawns. Get the right fibers and they light up in the water. The fibers are very translucent and reflect all kinds of different colors. If you do decide to get rid of it, my trash pick up is on Fridays, I would be happy to assist.

    Legal PB is not all the difficult to locate in the US, it is however expensive.
  6. Please see attached pictures. Now that I've taken a few pictures of it, I can see how it gathers the light well. Don't mind the spaghetti noodles, just about to cook dinner for the misses..
  7. That doesn't look like polar bear to me... I have a small patch and it's long solid fur, very shiny, very muti-faceted - catches light really well. And I had no idea you needed documentation for polar bear hair, they sell it in shops, don't they?
  8. that there is arctic fox.
  9. I think AK hit it on the nose. It does not appear to be polar bear. The underfur is much longer and more dense than in the case of polar bear; the occasional dark guard hairs are also typical of Arctic fox. Arctic fox is often used as a substitute for polar bear though it lacks the brilliance and light-refracting qualities of the latter. Arctic fox is also a solid hair and will not float any better than any other hair of that type.
  10. Wow, thanks guys. Any laws against me having Arctic Fox?
  11. Yes there is. The law states you have to turn over all polor bear and artic fox to the senior members at WFF.COM.
  12. They sell it in the shops in Canada, but not in the USA.
  13. Divie up per canadian law. ;);)
  14. Not to hijack the thread here but Polar Bear fur you would use to tie flies with is hollow.
  15. Maybe I saw imitation polar bear hair. It was 14 bucks for a tiny patch, however, I have a terrible memory. Does anybody have any suggestions for an awesome fly to tie with my polar bear hair? I've been saving it for something special and haven't found anything yet.
  16. Beat me to it. It's the nature of the hair (hollow) that gives it's high insulating qualities (for the Bear). It's reflective qualities give the hunting bear (effectively) 'camouflage' when it's on snow.

    Edit: You think you know how to 'fish?' So does he (sorry for the short add in front).:

  17. A few years ago you could buy real polar bear hear at the Morning Hatch. It was sold as a polar bear worm toy. It had two sitck on eyes. I have quite a few files ties with it. I mainly used it for either baitfish pattern, and steelhead flies.


  18. Yup that counts as handicraft for some reason...
  19. Nick, It makes awesome Clousers!

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