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  1. Technology......When I was a younger I had dogs and cats around me. I use to to talk to...maybe confess to them about certain things, but mostly gave them some time, and appreciated their time ..... Are kids today giving them the attention they need ...or are the smart phones, PS3's, electronics, etc. getting in the way of that bond......from my limited observations its not the same. I have seen a few strange things with pets lately from my friends kids....
  2. ... I don't know.

    But when we begin seeing dogs using smart phones you'll know we're really in trouble!
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  3. I really feel that is not that far off in some certain capacity:eek: I don't know but de-attachment is becomeing an issue....the ability to communicate without internet and phone (texting) is becoming a past time. I dread when my 18 yar-old talks on the is actually painful at times. The art of conversation is being lost. The art of being is being lost.
  4. Porter,
    With a 25 and a 22 year old myself I know what you mean. They're old enough to have missed this perplexing "dilemma" you and I observe, but not by enough to not have been heavily influenced by it.
    They do still say "hi" to the dog when they come home for a visit though. And as long as they still come to visit there's hope.
    Hang in there!
  5. Interesting observation. My son's are 30 and 26, both love dogs and to a lesser extent cats and demonstrate that human to animal/pet connection. At the same time, they're also obsessed with their phones and computers.
  6. Actually - a guy could get a virtual pet pretty easily. They've been around for a while. Maybe kids don't like putting the time into a pet anymore
  7. both my computer and my dog are laptop models.
    but i only take my dog when i go fishing.
  8. Both of my children are grownups who' have blessed us with grandchildren...some of which are teenagers. Fortunately they all live pretty close, so we get to see them all the time. The whole bunch loves being connected to the world way beyond anything we had when we were young, but I'm not seeing anything different in their relationships with their various family animals...they have a bunch of them just like we always had....and they get plenty of attention.

    I see the teenagers tend to pay increasing interest to the opposite sex....but I distinctly remenber being quite a bit less interested in pretty much everything (even fishing and hunting!) back in the day when I was chasing young ladies around.
  9. Both of my granddaughters wanted dogs. So we gave them dogs. Now I have two dogs that want and need my attention. The girls can't be bothered with the dogs anymore so they now come to me for attention and loving. The dogs that is. I feed and water them and clean up after them, which doesn't bother me at all.

    But when the dogs pass on that is all.
  10. It is funny that you pose the question on a forum. This technology wasn't around back when we only had cats and dogs to talk to.
  11. Well when you were out on a river, you had the fish to cuss at.
  12. No, back in those days, I had fishing buddies who always had to get home early, especially when the fish were bitin, for a variety of bullshit cuss at.

    Stupid SOBs are mostly all dead now...and caused me to miss out on some good fishin, until I got bright enough to always have control of the vehicle. I wouldn't leave unless they had convincing proof of a heart 'suddenly remembered kid's birthdays'....or football games they had to see....shoulda thought about that shit before they climbed in my rig.
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  13. I agree with your thinking here Porter. It sure seems to me that children today are becoming too socially isolated. Pets, particularly dogs, provide a form of interaction with another living thing that expresses emotion. This is not something the virtual world can least in a meaningful way.

    I'm pretty certain when that final bell rings, and my life's worth of memories scrolls by, I'll remember all my canine friends and none or very few of the social media ones.
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  14. Nope...mainly you'll be thinkin 'bout "When's that damned nursing assistant gonna change that big load in my grampers"?
  15. So true ;-(

  16. Yes, I well remember my proteges' brilliant pre-social media conversational skills (why, we were virtual Einsteins in that respect). Sometimes we preferred to converse in ancient sanskrit or aramaic hebrew. Sadly, that is all lost...the casualty of text-messaging and facebook.

    Fortunately, some remnant of that golden age of human empathy, intelligence, decent pet care, and erudition remains alive in this forum...and within, especially, this thread.
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  17. Not only is the social skills that we learn back then diminishing along with the ability to have face to face conversations but, kids today don't want to be outside the way we used to, hell my mom had to call the cops to look for me and bring me home but, the art of writing with pen and paper and thier ability to spell and form whole words without using abbreviations is also being lost. Ask a kid sometime to spell a word that perhaps you had in a spelling Bee when you were younger, chances are, they won't be able to, and forget about reading a hard copy book.
  18. I don't think they would get Monophthong any more than I would without chuckling...
  19. I believe Porter has a pretty good view of today's kids. Having spent (recently) 26 years in a classroom, I have seen a change in the demeanor of kids. When they are really young, say 1st through 3rd grades, they are really nice kids; inquisitive, respectful, loving; all the things you would want in your children, mostly. Something happens around nine to ten years old. They get street-wise, sassy, argumentative, you pick the adjective. By the time they are in middle school the attitude is so heavy you could use it for ballast in a boat. My teaching partners and I just shook our heads at some of them and commented on the future of our society. They have no empathy and lying and cheating are everyday occurances. It's a damn shame. Then you look at their parents, if you ever meet them, and all of the questions are answered. There ought to be a test for parenting.
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