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  1. Shirtsleeves and long necks. That is the ticket.

    Maybe a Glockenspiel or an accordion, and some brats.

    Who needs Octoberfest in Leavenworth?
    We got Doo-vall
  2. Wine Bar!
    I stand behind my original statement on page one.

    "About 20 yrs ago Duvall proper started on its path to being a full fledged suburban community. Its been down hill ever since."

  3. Yeahbut going down hill is always easier than going up hill.

    I have been going downhill for years and believe me, it is easier than trying to go up hill.
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  4. I would tend to agree. For the record we moved here before the degradation of society in Duvall began...or perhaps we were the start of it! Zima, anyone?
  5. I'm holding out to see what Evan is serving in his fancy beer glasses.
  6. Itchy, I presumed that you moved there for the thriving arts community that Duvall has become, but is sounds like you've been there a long time. Now that I know that, and have come to know your craft, I suspect the art community followed you there.

    For all you fans of the Duvall arts, and Itchy in particular, I have an autographed Itchy Dog original in my possession. Of course, I would never think of hanging it anywhere direct sunlight might touch it, and it cost a pretty penny to install the home security system to safeguard it, but it is all worth it!

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  7. You flatter me, Dick. Won't hardly be able to fit my head thru the door of the Wine bar, now.

    Closing in on 24 years of Duvall livin', which seems like a long time, but not compared to many others who have the fertile valley soil in their DNA.
  8. I used to live in eastern Idaho and still have a T-shirt proclaiming: "Driggs, Idaho, Cultural hub of the Rockies!" The T-shirt was a promotion for the Spud Drive-in theater, "Home of the Gladys Burger" named for the woman who ran the snack bar.

    If Driggs can be the cultural hub of anywhere, Duvall can certainly be the "Paris of the West."

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  9. To youse that live in that big town. I have a question for you.That big yellow barn that sits along the road out of town going south. Is it still there. I thought that I had read some place that they were going to move it when I lived in Washington. Did they ????? Or did they just tear it down.
  10. There is a barn. I do not know if it is yellow or not. Never paid that much attention. There is also a roundabout in Duvall. But then again, DUVALL has pretty much everything modern.
  11. Jim, funny you should bring up the matter of the Thayer Barn. 10 years ago the Duvall Foundation for the Arts raised $100k to go towards moving the barn and turning it into an arts center. Then the developer who owned the property and was willing to work with the city and DFA fell on hard times (I think). Nothing was done. Barn remains in a visually sad state though I've heard the structure is still fairly sound. They're trying to revive the project again, working with a new developer of the land. It ain't dead yet, but it sure looks like hell.
  12. I see a lot of potential here...

  13. A very old geezer (98) friend of mine who was born in Duvall perhaps before it was even called that always said to me "The more you drive the less intelligent you are". He still lives there and has never travelled much. Go figure.
  14. Mostly Zimas and wine spritzers.
  15. Serious? ....sounds more like Laurelhurst than Duvall :eek:
  16. Occasionally Itchy Dog comes over and we break out the Cosmos and Mojitos.
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  17. No smoked fish with that, I suppose?
  18. Smoked fish is what the flannel wearing forest dwellers eat. We prefer the sushi bar in town.
  19. Thank you.

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