Just got back from Duvall

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Olive bugger, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. I bumped a fire hydrant once, does that count?
  2. Only if it happened in Duvall - it's been said that it'll bring you good luck.
    But just remember; bumpin' a covey is always a good thing - or so I've been told.
  3. My wife will not let me play with coveys. So, I guess bumping is out of the question.
  4. Must be pussy whipped.
  5. Just too old to argue.

    Besides they all look about the same.
  6. The strength of the briney pallet of the Snoqualmie Valley Escargot depends on where and when they are harvested. AM or PM, upstream or downstream of the sewer plant.

  7. Would you recommend a good Pinot Noir with that escargot?

    Or perhaps a nice fruity Ripple?
  8. The One Word Contest on meth... love it.
  9. Actually, heroin. That's the preferred pharmaceutical in Duvall these days.
    From what I hear anyway.
  10. I did not know tha DUVALL had a pharmacy!
  11. an underground one? :oops:
  12. No.
    Those big old growth stumps that used to house the old whiskey stills have been "re-purposed" as "pharmacies".

    There are a lot of environmentalists in Duvall these days and they're doing their best to do their part.
  13. Recycle the stumps!
  14. I hear Duvall is lovely this time of year.
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  15. How can you call Duvall "Paris of the Wes" when you've got granite falls or even Forks to contend for that title?!
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  16. Duvall is lovely at any time of the year.
    Where else can you enjoy the fragrance of wood smoke while strolling among scantly attired young ladies, while sipping a latte in your designer flip flops and Brooks Brothers designer shorts?
  17. That's not "wood smoke" yer smellin' my friend. I actually lived in Duvall once, about two years worth, seemed like forever.

  18. I have a Brooks Brothers turtleneck....

    I think you can do all these same things in Darrington too, BTW
  19. What could it be? It smells like, like, wait a minute, no not alder....
    I donno! Perhaps mesquite or Sycamore? OH, I feel soooo good.

  20. Is that a hard shell or soft shell turtle's neck?

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