Just got back from Duvall

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Olive bugger, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. Another day, perhaps another trip to Duvall is in the cards.

    What is the weather like this morning, Evan?

    Any snow in the forecast?

    At one time, I loved to fish in the snow. Now, not so much, but it is fun to a degree. At least until the old bones start complaining.
  3. Well, now we know folks. Good for fishing. Fish like water.
    Rain is water. Rain + Water = Fish. What could be wrong with
  4. I'm thinking aboot dragging my drift boat, which is in Duvall, to the river on Thursday. I've been slacking lately.
  5. I have been entertaining the idea of going to stand in the river this week but the calendar has other ideas. Going to be a busy week.
    I have no idea if the salmon have cleared the river as yet. But I should check it out to see. Maybe Friday will work for me.
  6. Especially when the water is the Seine River that flows through the Paris of the west... oops, I meant Snoqualmie R. through Duvall.
    The region there is just so bucolic and serene, but at the same time so utterly sophisticated, it's easy to get a little carried away!
  7. Duvall is the gateway valley of hell to that remlinger mud farm :eek:
  8. And that big ole cement block sitting in the river bed is inspirational.

    Like a Roman ruin of some sort, only the Romans didn't make it to
    Duvall. Neither did the Franks and Gauls come to think on it. At least not until after 1913. Prior to that Duvall was not Duvall.
    It was something else. Hmmm, I guess it is still something else.
  9. Yes, but to much rain causes the river to run high and dirty and over it's banks to form Lake Snoqualmie.
  10. Lake Snoqualmie ain't dirty. Jim. Why folks swim in it.

    ED: Update. May not get to Duvall today. Going to Everett instead.
    Wrong direction. Everett is nice but since they closed down the pulp mill,
    it just ain't the same. Tacoma has lost her aroma also.
  11. Well, you will have to depend on Evan for the report of Duvall today.
    I am headed toward the salt so I will not be going there.

    Tomorrow might be your lucky day, however. I plan to visit the Paris of the West and partake of the natural beauty found there.
  12. Evan is feeling especially lazy and is enjoying the area's splendor from his office window.

  13. Evan is a lucky man. Visage of trees in spectacular splendor of autumn follage, mountains yearning for seasonal snow pack, skies moody with dark clouds, pushed by rough winds, allowing an occasional sunburst to peak through.....NO wait that isn't Duvall, that is Woodinville.

    Different scene altogether. You can't see crap from here.
  14. Some poor tourist is going to find this thread on Google and visit duvall
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  15. Just a short hop off of I-5, down State 203, along the scenic and bountiful Snoqualmie river, through Preston, Fall City, Carnation, Still Water and roll into DUVALL. WATCH YOURSELF ON THE ROUNDABOUT.
  16. [​IMG]
  17. Oui! Juste la-bas. Le fleuve.
  18. I hate those damn things. I'm surprised that there isn't more wrecks on those things. Every time I get on one I get cut off by some smart ass. There's one in Sultan on highway 2, well just east of there. What a joke.
  19. You heard it here first, folks. If you attempt to visit Duvall, you will most likely suffer a tragic car accident upon entry.

    *posted from the wi-fi at Duvall Coffee House
  20. Wi-fi at the Duvall Coffee House!

    Cutting edge technology, sumptuous dining opportunities, Gourmet coffees for the discriminating palate. Vistas of un-parallel majesty. A magnificent river surging through the farmlands, along side of quaint roadways. All of this and roundabouts also. It just keeps getting better and better,

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