just got back from montana!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by johnnyV, Jul 13, 2002.

  1. WOW! what a blast!! my arm is sore from fighting fish!! 1st stop was hamilton at fishause where bill,sent me to a couple good spots, 1st one was just below hamilton,not much luck a few hits, then to rock creek, where i got 2 on and lost 3 nice trout!!I ended up on the madison for acouple days in between the lakes caught 1 that was at least 20 in.all kinds of places in the park, I finished my trip on the gallatin. really nice river,but the fish are small.I did catch quite a few! all dry flies,boy was it hot to! 107 during the middle of the day!!a lot of bugs!I am ready to go back!! now I think I will be able to do quite well on the rivers here in w wa.So thanks to all who have helped me in learning this art!! oh yes, all fish are c&r!! :LOVEIT
  2. I'm leaving this Wednesday for an annual trip with buddies to the Big Horn. It's everything you experienced and more. I'm planning a trip to western montana sometime early september or so...do you have a map of your route and areas fished? I've been to the same river (big horn) about 7-8 times and no nothing about the other fisheries. If you're going again sometime and want a partner, let me know.

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