Just got back from the Painforest...

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by CLO, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. Ahhhhh Great, everyone knows that hole now!!!! ;)
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  2. Maybe if you waded out a bit further?
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  3. Jesus effing Christ..... How many times must you be told, KEEP THE NATES IN THE WATER!!!!!!!
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  4. Is that an Abu Garcia baitcast reel in the first picture?
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  5. And the brim of his hat is nicely curved. +10 points
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  6. Looks like a kelt to me. Long and skinny
  7. More importantly, picture two has an indicator in it.
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  8. That is a very fresh fish your holding in the top pic,,Its fins are completely translucent..

    Dont see any sea lice on em tho.. I have fished that water with Zack Attack:cool:

    My fav stretch of that lil river..
  9. No beads? No deathstar? No bonked native?

    You've been kicked out of the troop CLO. Sorry bro.
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  10. Plan B ;) love it, fishing is fishing.
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  11. You guys are killin me.
  12. No one has said what a monster he hooked in the third pix. I have hooked a few almost that big myself but alas mine as well have been released to allow another fellow fly chucker a chance at a big one.
  13. I see Bigfoot across the river from you in the first picture.
    What was he using?
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  14. that's Mick. Dodge,the new tv version of the legendary iron man of the hoh
  15. Hey CLO, is that an airflo line in that last picture? Its got the v-loop goin on, I wish they made spey lines in a lighter grain window.
  16. I was wondering if anyone else saw that.

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