Just got my used Norvise in the Mail

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Mike Wilson, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. NomDeTrout

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    johnnyd - i just purchased the HMH tube attachment and it works great! Thanks for the suggestion. I have it on the standard inline jaws and you're right, the pin doesn't go all the way in but it goes in just enough to tie up some of the big steelhead flies I've been tieing up. thanks again.
  2. Mike Wilson

    Mike Wilson Yakbowbw

    Here are some pictues of the flies... not proud of all of them, but I am getting used to a new tool. Wish I had more time to tie and fish.

    ... working out a picture gremlin
  3. Whit

    Whit 19D

    Great ties!
  4. pittendrigh

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  5. colton rogers

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    ^^^^ HOLY CRAP!!!! that looks amazing!
  6. Mike Wilson

    Mike Wilson Yakbowbw

    Nice, need to get the recipe for that one... thanks for sharing the picture.

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