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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by martyg, Dec 3, 2006.

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    Feb 10, 2006
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    "So much for the shared resource".

    You gotta problem with all the time and effort to learn your ground, and then sharing it with others?

    Or do you want to keep everybody else out, once you think you have yours.

    Just a question.

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    Dec 16, 2005
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    If I found it, someone else could find it too.

    Kinda like a "Don't ask, Don't tell" policy...

  3. Will Atlas

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    I agree with tomb and g_smolt on this one. Nothing against the guy who started this thread. Here's my thing, I dont mind giving a guy some direction on where to find fish, or even how to catch them but I dont think the internet is the place to it. after all we're mass communicating here and I dont know how responsible it is for the sake of a fishery to go blowing our loads on the internet about where and how to catch fish. I agree with Tom that there is a culture of shortcuts that is undermining the tradition and stewardship that is in our sport. Also, I dont think secrecy is a new thing to fishing, but the internet is. Ralph Wahl never told a soul (except close friends) about his favorite hole on the Skagit until long after it had been filled in by flood waters. My point is, we're all in the boat together. I'm not an old hand, I havent caught a million steelhead, but I've walked alot of river miles and found some sweet stuff/fish, and while I'm more than happy to talk about that face to face with another angler, the costs of helping someone I dont know out on the internet are too high. Just look how many people are viewing this thread right now. Probably more than there are wild steelhead in any of the S Rivers right now. Just a thought.

    PS. 000010001
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    INDEED!!!!! HERE HERE!!!!!! :thumb:

    I also want to add that we live in a culture today of instant proffensional gratification (which is on oxymoron). With all of these "pro" products and instant "guides" to knowing the know......This is all BS. Anyone who knows anything about something as complex as fly fishing knows that every body of water is different, every fish population different, EVERYTHING is different. It is all natural babay! That is what, as I can infer from this forum, we love about it. However, there is a new class of fly fisherman growing in numbers that comes to a forum like this only to know how to catch more bigger fish and know where the "hot spots" are. I am not making a generalization here about all of you, but these guys do exist. They care little about comradery, sportmanship, or anything that we put above "fishing by numbers". They essentially see fly fishing as a handicap so, for example, a steelhead caught on fly gear is bragging rights over a steelhead caught on bait and what not. They are very elitist in this sense and give fly fishermen a bad name. You can spot them, usually, wearing 3,000 dollars worth of gear, having no idea what the &$&#% they are doing.

    So anyways......my point is that, in agreement with some opinions above, even though fly fishing is a great sport, and those of us here truly embody its spirit, there are many in growing numbers who don't, and unfortunately the internet cannot scrutinize who reads what et cetera. I would rather get to know someone and understand how they value our fisheries and fly fishing heritage before I share anything really "special". I feel that fly fishing is a naturalist sport and it seems to be veering too far from that spirit these days. If the internet was there, 20 years ago, when there was a tiny portion of the fly fishermen that there are now, and those into it were almost entirely exceptional outdoorsmen, naturalists and enviromentalists, I would have had no problem spilling the beans.
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    I like the skykomish
    Try it out between sultan and monroe in the winter. There. Other people like the snoqualmie, other people like the green, and lots of people like the sauk and skagit. The sauk may be my favourite, but it goes out sometimes. the skagit is great, but big ,and if your a newb you will probably get skunked because you don't know how to read those big waters. some people like the pilchuck, on the other end of the spectrum from the skagit. None of thse are secrets, especially if you buy a gazeteer. That should be your first order of business, then start exploring those blue lines that connect to the ocean. Just pick the one closest to your house and start from there, the closer you are to home, the more you'll fish, then the better you'll get. Thats the best advice you're gonna get on this site.
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    iagree Well said.