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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Jeremy Husby, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. Jeremy Husby

    Jeremy Husby Is there a Vahalla for fishermen?

    I have made somthing that maybe a few people would like to see.
    I have started making my own hooks and I would like to know if anyone else has ever tried doing this, If so I would like to ask a few question. Otherwise I have perfected a good temper and some interesting designs.

    If you interested in learning how to do this, I would love to show you, or if someone has a design that would like to see made, draw it, send it to me and I will make it for you.


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  2. pwoens

    pwoens Active Member

    cool!! I never thought about this aspect of tying. Would be cool to make your fly from the medal up. I dont have the time or energy but excellent idea/hobby. :thumb:
  3. Monk

    Monk Redneck

    what kind of setup do you have? I would be really interested in this. Realy stellar work on a fe of those salmon hooks! :thumb:
  4. Tim Cottage

    Tim Cottage Formerly tbc1415

    I would love to learn how to do this.
    After looking through your web site, the furled leaders also caught my attention. Lets get in touch via PM or email.

  5. numbbutt

    numbbutt Guest

    hey Doublehauler,

    Killer idea! I like the true hand crafted look of them. One question though......Do they hold fish?
  6. Jeremy Husby

    Jeremy Husby Is there a Vahalla for fishermen?

    Each hook I make I test to 20lbs., I have broke abot six now on my testing jig (and many more while creating them), because of slight errors I made in the coverage of the temper. If you look at my sight I test every hook I use to fish, that is one reason I started making my own. I do believe Mustad are the best hook for your money and mine won't hold up to them, everything else I have exceeded in quality of true strength. I have caught a Chum on one so far but no Steelhead.

    To answer what setup I use, a MAAP touch ($50 @ the hardware), one pair of needle nose pliers and one pair of jewler piler (wal-mart $7), a tin can of water to quench, that is it. I use music wire for the hooks, it has a medium carbon content and tempers to a great spring temper.

    (edit) I also want to add that I use a Gun Bluing after the forging to prevent rust and then they cure for a couple days in oil, that is why they are black. Gives them a great anit-rust treatment.
  7. Don Johnson

    Don Johnson Duke of Furl

    pretty cool. obviously you are you bending some of these "freeform" (by hand) but do you use a form (jig) to maintain consistency with some of the other profiles?
  8. Jeremy Husby

    Jeremy Husby Is there a Vahalla for fishermen?

    I made a couple jigs for two designs that I tie spade flies on, but I have found I can replacate pretty well using just my hands. So I pretty much use the jig for the really tight bends and jewlery pilers and my thumb for everything else. Since I don't anneal the wire before hand I have found that I have a extra step when using jigs, where I can skip that step and make more faster and the temper turns out better. When I am making them I do about 5' of wire in <1hr. which is < 20 hooks a hour.
  9. Troutnut

    Troutnut New Member

    That's a really cool idea!