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  1. I've been wanting to send my heart-felt concerns and prayers for those who are suffering through the Stilly slide. Don't want to re-ignite the former thread, but want you all to know that folks all across the nation are profoundly affected by this tragedy, and you're all in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. I heard from my brother this evening that me sister-in-law has been in Oso for several days. She is an internationally recognized expert on ministering to and counseling first responders. As my brother said, she has more experience with mass casualty situations as anyone. She obviously is much stronger than I would ever hope to be.

    In this case, she was dispatched by the Red Cross, but in the past she has also worked with the FBI and a variety of Baptist groups. When Rep. Giffords was shot in Phoenix, the director of the FBI stopped in Texas and picked her up on the way to Phoenix.
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  3. God bless her, that's just got to be awful. It's tough enough just hearing about things like this and the imagination that follows. I'm sure you're very proud of her, and have every reason to be.
  4. I got a brief view of this devastation on my way home from occupy Skagit II. I have been on a few hurricane and tornado cleanup and management teams. This reminded me a lot of those events. The power of a natural disaster is tremendous and the damage area here is vast. Prayers to those affected.

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