JW Outfitters Pontoon boat with Motor kit

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  1. I listed this pontoon boat on E-bay and it missed the reserve by less then $10.00. (The reserve was $500.00.) Before I relist the boat on E-bay, box it up, and Change the shipping option to nationwide, I am willing to sell it for $500.00 locally. ( Must be picked-up in the Lake Stevens/Granite Falls area)
    Here is the description of the Pontoon boat and extras:This is a J.W. Outfitters Explorer 7' Pontoon Boat equipped with the optional factory 12 volt electric trolling motor in like new condition! This is the perfect fly fishing craft! ( Great for Grimes Lake shallow launch area!) It has been stored in a heated building for the last two years . The factory trolling motor is operated and steered from the drivers seat via a factory hand operated lever/cable system. (Located on the right hand side of the armrest.) There is also forward, reverse, fast & slow toggle switches located next to the steering lever also on the driver's right side. It is equipped with the factory optional dual battery set up with a transfer switch to select between the two batteries. There are a total of 3 Power Sonic 12 V/33.0 Amp Hr. batteries included. Two of the batteries are brand new - still in the boxes! The two new batteries were $167 (receipt incl.) These batteries are totally sealed & can even be operated upside down! The third battery is in good working condition, and a battery tester is included. Also included is a like new Hummingbird Fish Finder with the sending unit mounted under the boat frame. There are two oars with storage straps & oar locks. It has storage pockets on both the left & right sides. Optional factory steering fins to stabilize while steering. Replacement frame bars to operate w/o motor are included.( For motor restricted lakes) Extra seat material, front light, back storage deck,life vest & full stripping apron.
    For pictures or any questions, please e-mail me.
  2. My E-mail appears to be down so if anyone needs more info. on the Pontoon Boat, please call me at :360-691-4573 or 425-346-9809.
    Take care,
  3. Why did you not just sell it too the high bidder on E-Bay the first time if it was so close to your reserve price? A few years back, I was high bidder on an Orvis 4 wt but reserve price was not met when the auction ended. The seller e-mailed and told me he would sell me the rod even without reserve being met since I was high bidder. You might try the same.
  4. I did try (twice) to contact the high bidder ,but did not get a response back from that bidder. The last thing that we want to do is relist it,box it all up, and offer to ship it nationwide, but it appears we may need to do that. The boat and motor kit is approx. 55 lbs., but the batteries will add to the shipping weight.
    I would keep it, but I have a Bucks Bag Bronco that I always seem to use instead. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.
  5. JW Outfitters Pontoon boat with Motor kit -SOLD

    Boat is SOLD

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