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  1. This seems to be the summer of breakage for me. A week ago I broke the double action barrel pump that came with my Scadden pontoon boat. I need to replace it. Since my pontoon is usually stored inflated and air only let out for traveling over the mountains, I don't feel like I need an electric pump. Especially since I need a manual pump for overnights on the river. Would you purchase another double action pump ( fits either on the cargo tray or in the saddle bag) or go with a K pump such as the 100


  2. The K. I use mine all the time. It is, IMHO, the best manual pump ever.
  3. I prefer the K pump as well. I use mine to top off a raft, and it's just easier to use, and quite a bit more ergonomic for me as well.
    You should head over to Andy and Bax and check out both options though, and get what feels good to you.
  4. Andy and Bax, good place to go. Which K pumps are you using?
  5. Get the K-40. I started with the K-100 but later got the K-40 for two reasons: (1) the K-40 inflates twice as fast as the k-100 with less effort, and (2) the K-40 has a built-in K-100 to top off at the correct pressure. I was skeptical about the K-pump at first, but my skepticism gave way once I started using the pump. The dual action pumps will work no doubt but you'll be doing more exhausting pumping than fishing.

    The K-Pump company also has excellent service. It's a small company—the owner usually answers the phone. And he has sent me updated nozzles, etc. at no charge.

    These pumps are not cheap. But if you want the best and most efficient manual pump on the market, get the K-Pump. And I recommend the K-40, especially if one has a pontoon.
  6. I've used the K200 from the Gear Program. Found a used K40 in like new condition from a fly shop on ebay for about 30% of list that really blows ;) . I use it every time to top-off after my LVM when I can put in near a road and I carry it along on floats. It's kinda heavy to carry very far but it inflates my Kodiak from scratch in half the time it takes with the foot pump.
  7. K Pump all the way. I have a 100 and 200. The 100 for float tubes and the 200 for boats. I may get a 40 or 400 for the dual stage option.
  8. Thanks for the input, sounds like the K100 or possibly K20 might be the way to go. I like the slightly shorter length so I might be able to fit them in one of my saddlebags. Also the K40 is getting up there in price a bit
  9. I think Ed"s model choices are spot on for topping off. The K200 is pretty long; the good part is you don't have to stoop over as much to pump. I could be wrong but a K200 will likely not fit inside most pontoon saddle bags.
  10. Customer service from them is also top notch. I had a crack in the housing. They replaced the the pump. I'd recommend one for sure.
  11. K100 may fit in a saddlebag and is ideal for float tubes/solo boats. K200 is my bigger boat pump choice.
  12. I'll get a better idea when I visit Andy & Bax this weekend. But I may be going with the K100

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