Kaden's Rejuvenating Roe

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  1. I wanted some opinions about a pattern I just came up with. I was thinking of making an egg pattern when it hit me, glo bug yarn+ plastic beads+ non-lead wire underbody= a roe pattern! It's supposed to look like some eggs with different types of flesh holding them together. I'll take it out and fish it in a couple of weeks to see if some Rainbows will eat it. Honest opinions, and tell me if you think another material added to it will make it better. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg The last pic is a more fleshy light pink.
  2. Haven't you heard? Matching that particular part of a fishes diet is gear fishing.
  3. Well... I have fished eggs on a fly rod for rainbow trout, and this is just a larger egg pattern. I'll put it under a thingamabobber and add some split shots, and tie off 2 feet of 5x flourocarbon tippet off the Roe pattern, and tie on a baetis nymph.
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  4. Add some orange on some then it looks like it's bleeding
  5. Looks good to me.
  6. Very dirty. Should work on cutties, bows, dollies, steelehead, salmon - purists will hate it. I think it looks great. I bet the fish will agree - and to me, that is the real test...
  7. Looks good, though I'd cut the front hook off myself.
  8. Thanks for all your opinions. I think I finally perfected it. I took Joe's idea and put a strip of fire orange yarn and put it right on the top. Back hook is a #12, and the front hook is a #10. Here it is
    image.jpg image.jpg
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