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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by fmunoz, Apr 13, 2008.

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    I do agree with you delbertnipper. Anglers on the whole do give back more to the environment than they take and often it is other factors that affect the downfall of the fishing stocks that we so often remember, however I was pointing out the dichotomy of the statement that Peter made of lamenting the reduced stocks while at the same time talking about how back in the day the fish were taken by the bucketful.

    If you look back at any fish stock they to a large extent are at a reduced state than they were a decade back. Often these same stocks are commemorated by images of some smiling fishermen holding up a large stringer of fish. I find this rather uniquely oxymoronic that we do so.

    Maybe as anglers we should educate our selves to not lament the times where we were indiscriminately taking fish but to look at these as actions to which we are now seeing the consequences and see the past as a time to learn from and make better choices.

    But as they say this might all be a piss in the wind and the seals are going to eat what is left and we can't do thing one about it.


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