Kalifornia gun dog insanity

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  1. Why would anyone want to have their dogs kill the game?
  2. no dog I've ever hunted over did that, and wouldn't be tolerated if it did! Considering I've hunted for over 60 years now, I've hunted over quite a few 4-legged partners, too.
  3. PITA = Pain In The Ass. It may have been intentional.
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  4. You guys need to read the detail and not the inflammatory headline.
    "Ban the use of dogs for the pursuit and take of ALL wildlife in California" is the content of this proposal.

    I would never put my dogs in danger. Having dogs take down Bear or Bobcat is very similar to dogfighting - barbaric and should not be tolerated by hunters who actually like their dogs.
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  5. I seem to recall the biggest, anti gun spouting nut job that graced our presence on this board, daily, right up to the point where he was banned was from good ole' Wa. So something must be in your water as well..."just saying." ;)

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  6. Thanks for the laff. OMG the ignorance on here we see regarding hunting and firearms. Unfriggin believable
  7. So I guess this cockeyed opinion just f*cks all the folks who have dogs hunting upland game. Yeah, those quail are really dangerous...OMFG are you stupid or what?
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  8. He was only one idiot-that state would seem to be chock-full of them!
  9. Roper, surely you realize what a disadvantage it is for the quail when you use a dog to hunt them. Poor little birds, how could you do that?
  10. I know Karl, I should be ashamed of myself...but I'm not. :D
  11. Be a man. Catch them yourself.
  12. Be a man? Come out for a weekend of Chukar hunting and I'll wear your ass slap out :cool:
  13. I may not know what I'm talking about but "Take down and pursuit" has nothing to retrieving a bird, that should be dead before the dog gets too it.

    By the way, I support hunting and the use of dogs for retrieving game birds.
    I would be very happy if PITA was gone from this planet, along with all the anti gun folks, same crowd though.
  14. Do you have any idea how old I really am...:rolleyes:
  15. Pursuit can easily interpreted to mean pointing...we are talking about Kalifornia after all...
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  16. Actually, take down and pursuit does have something to do with it. Cripples happen. No how hard someone tries for a perfect shot and a clean kill every time. Sometimes they just come down with two good feet under them with a broken wing, and they usually hit the ground running when they do. It is the dogs job to not only find but to run that bird down if necessary to make the retrieve. In eight years of hunting over my Chessie I can only recall five, maybe six birds lost and not retrieved to hand. Pretty damn good record if you ask me. A good dog is a conservation tool.

    As far as the take down goes, if a crippled honker pulls back and wing bones the dog in the face. He will go in line backer style, grab it by the neck and kill it before bringing it in. I applaud every time it happens. Geese are mean bastages.
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  17. IMG_1651_1.JPG She ain't big but she'll kick a wounded goose's feathered butt.
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  18. "I would be very happy if PITA was gone from this planet, along with all the anti gun folks, same crowd though."

    I would be very disappointed if PITA disappeared , one of my favourite breads. Now PETA is a different story, People Eating Tasty Animals are usually pretty good folks.
  19. PITAs latest down here is going after Sea World. Rough quote from the radio yesterday, "The killer whales deserve to be free, not just have larger prisons."

    We also lost all fois gras farms here too...
  20. I don't see it as California bashing, and I've lived here for 41 years after I moved from Oregon.

    Unless you're here, it's nearly impossible to imagine what the politics are like. I'm no longer registered with a party, but I was a leftist Democrat until the 90s, then a Republican, now neither, although I'm a conservative. There is NO support for anything reasonably conservative. These panty waste liberals have no idea about hunting or fishing, to them it's what rednecks do. I frankly no longer give a shit, because I don't matter. I'm here until my business winds up, then I'm gone. This state is awful, but then you've got Patty Murray.
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