Kelly Creek? Not yet!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by IveofIone, Jun 24, 2002.

  1. IveofIone
    Just returned from a few days on Kelly Creek and if you are thinking of heading over that way, better reconsider for now. Fished June 19 through the 23rd and the water was higher when I left than when I got there. We caught fish but really had to work for them usually inching our way along the flooded banks and casting upstream to small pockets of soft water. On the 20th an incredible caddis hatch took place with bugs so thick at times that you couldn't inhale without ingesting a few caddis. The creek,although high had huge scum lines of shucks running through it and the back eddies looked like sawdust was floating on them. At one point so many caddis were on my waders that they looked like they had been flocked! No hungry fish that day. Snow is still visible from the campground and every feeder creek is really swollen. I had hoped to come home the back way through Superior Montana but the ranger station reported over 8 feet of snow still on that pass. The only really bright spot was that the road in was in excellent shape up to the forks,but crappy above. And log trucks were scheduled to begin hauling logs west of the forks today,June 24. Realistically it looks like at least two more weeks before a lot of that snow gets moved out of the high country and probably more like 3 weeks before you can wade comfortably and catch fish where you would expect them to be. I guess I'll go back to lake fishing for a few weeks and look at stream fishing again about mid July.Tight lines and big grins. Ive
  2. Ive,

    Thanks for the report. My buddies and I are heading out there and planning on hiking down Cayuse Creek from the airstrip on July 4th. Did you get any impression of how the river may be up above Moose Creek where it leaves the road? Would hate to have to resort to plan B.


  3. IveofIone
    Sure did. We drove up to where the river meets the road and it is just huge this year. Drove up Moose Creek a ways also and like all the other tribs it is very high too. I had sure wanted to go out that way to avoid driving back to Orofino this year but I just had to bite the bullet and go back the way I came. By the way, the road over French Mtn. out of Orofino is under construction so when you go take 12 out of Orofino and then take 11 into Pierce. You might give plan B some thought, that is a long way to go to be disappointed.Take care, Ive
  4. ah.... the kelly creek. this is my favorite spot to fish IN THE WORLD. we annually camp at the cayuse airstrip... and hike deep into the kelly creek to fish some of the most primitive, beautiful, wild pools in america.

    your post makes me long for this years trip.

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