Kennedy Creek

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Bill Douglas, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. I'm thinking of hitting Kennedy Creek this weekend. This has been an off year for chum. I think it's the first year in quite a few that I haven't caught a fair number of them. I just need to get out. Are there fish still present? I hate to fish such a zoo, but I'm due for the feel of a tug at the end of my line. My eight weight is sitting in the back seat of my truck calling out to me every time I hop in and drive somewhere.
  2. If it's not happening there, it should be up the road at Hoodsport. I saw that last weekend 57 anglers had 85 fish in the WDFW check.
  3. I've fished it a half-dozen times since Nov. 1st and have seen and caught fewer fish each time. Certainly not like last year. Today, I started after high tide and fished downstream with the tide. I was able to avoid the crowd that way and be the first to greet fresh fish as they arrived. Did manage to land a couple in spite of the fact that there really aren't many fish showing up. In three hours time, maybe ten or fifteen fish passed the narrow spot I was fishing. The good news is that they take willingly if you can get the fly in front of them before they shoot up.

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