KFR... best seasonal beer?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Panhandle, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Home Brew always makes the best seasonal
  2. Bells Oberon, only available in Michigan during the summer, but damn good. not sure if it's seasonal but Leinenhugel's Sunset Wheat is mighty tasty. could never find it last summer in MT, but it's here now.
  3. I'd say for summer, Russian River makes Pliny the Elder IPA which is great, and Boundary's IPA is pretty nice as well (but I used to work there, drank a bit too much of it.)

  4. Widmer's Brrr! is probably the best winter seasonal ale that I've tried, it's pretty much a dark IPA, fantastic!
  5. My homebrew barleywine I call Long Winters Nap. Micro would have to be Stone's Double Bastard.
  6. I have not heard anyone mention Alaskans winter ale or summer ale both worth drinking. I found one called red menace a fine amber. I know it is not a seasonal ale but very tasty. There is another great one I found from Andersons Brewery out of northern california.. the oatmeal stout, very big beer very tasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. +1 for Pliny!

    This summer, my favorite seasonal brew has been the Vienna Lager from Big Al Brewing. Absolutely phenomenal beer
  8. I just got back from a week in Missoula getting my daughter registered for fall semester. While there, I had two of the best porters I can remember. Not sure if they're seasonal or not, but Cold Smoke (a Scotch-style ale by Kettlehouse Brewing, Missoula) and Cowboy Coffee (from Big Sky Brewing, the folks who gave us Moose Drool) are simply outstanding.

  9. I favor a nice Octoberfest in the fall and most are good. However, my favorite was Full Sail's Octoberfest but they stopped brewing it a few years agobawling:
  10. De Dolle Ara Bier
  11. Since we are discussing seasonal, at this time of year I like the Full Sail Sunspot, Son of Spot, and last year Slipknot. Each year they do some sort of hoppy IPA like ale and may give it a new name. It's great at the brewry in Hood River and usually a few 22 oz bottles around. Time for a trip to the Gorge...

    Fall/Winter - Celebrtation followed by Juble, Snow Cap etc. as others have mentioned.
  12. OB-1 from Snake River Brewing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

    Or XX Mountainberry Double Wheat from Grand Teton Brewing is another good one.
  13. the Festina Peche from Dogfish Head has been a great summer beer as well. It's so hard to find a Berliner Weiss in the States, I'm glad they stepped up and started making one
  14. In the Summer....a Ayinger Hefeweizen hits the spot!
  15. I currently have a Berliner Weiss at work. At least we still had some before I left today. Darn tasty German one at that.

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