Kick boats are NOT for rivers !!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Great white hunter, Apr 23, 2005.

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    LOL Paul. We could move 12' with fins. Not going to call that a kickboat. ;) I could take my standing platform off my old (one of the original) steelheaders and used it in lakes. Not going to call that a kickboat either, though propelled quite well with fins. :D Sorry Paul, those boats used to be my life, especially when I was paid to row them, so I like to call them like I see them. LOL
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    those underwater sweepers are critical rearing habitat for small fish. You're not going to get anyone to OK taking them out on a large scale. it's really too bad the lady drowned, but sweepers are part of any river and one of the biggest hazards. :(
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    What a tragedy.

    My sympathies to friends and family...

    Sorry this thread couldn't have focused on some empathy instead of someone's desire to troll for an argument.
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    isnt there a warning sign on the bridge of danman road that crosses the river at Irene Rhinehart Park? The sign gives caution not to go down this stretch.
  5. Jim Jones flytosser

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    I am sorry to hear of the loss of your friend and cannot imagine the devastation felt by you, the rest of your close-knit community of anglers and most of all Linda's family.

    Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with those that loved Linda and will be impacted greatly by her passing.

  6. nomlasder Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems

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    Nooksac: Sorry for your's and the family's loss.
  7. Davy Active Member

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    yes there is a warning sign on the bridge, mainly intended for inexperienced or non-controllable craft was it's original intent ( it's been there for 25 years or longer) i.e ; tubers and such.In my opinion this stretch is considerably more hazardous now than it was 15 years ago. There have been many more accidents recently but that may just be due to increased use. I think though that if someone wants to float down it in a egg carton they should be able to make that choice.
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    My condonlances to those that lost a friend and family member on the Yakima River on Friday. Every year we lose people on the Yakima, a seemingly benign river. I run many section of this river most months out of the year for both work and play, and I tell people that Yakima is more dangerous than some hairy whitewater run because of the WOOD and the cold water. There is nothing scarier than coming around a corner and finding a tree across the river. At times like this we have to stop and think about what could have been done to prevent this tragedy, to help others avoid it in the future. Foremost, always wear a life jacket, PFD, what-ever you want to call it, and make sure it actually works before you go out. They degrade over time. Whether its the law or not. Secondly, don't boat alone. Things can go down fast, and it can be hard to get to someone, especially if they are out of site. Carry a knife. Know how to swim in a river. Wear the proper clothing. Know CPR and make sure your friends do too. This tragedy can be an opportunity to further educate ourselves and spread that knowledge to others. I hope this is the last time I have to read about someone drowning on the Yakima.

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    I am so sorry to hear of all this. This is a tragic event indeed. Could it have been avoided? We dont know yet. Sounds like this person may not have been able to successfully negotiate the hazard beforehand, no matter what kind of boat she had. There is a suggestion that she was unresponsive to the situation, possibly unconscious. So the Coroner will have to look at that situation. I cant express how sorry I am to hear about this.

    But it is rarely a matter of blame.

    All rivers have hazards and people who traverse those waters should be responsible for themselves. The basic tenet of safe white water boating is to know where you are going to begin with; "Always Scout Your Trip". This is not as commonplace a practise with anglers as it is with paddlers. But even amongst paddlers, suprisingly few do careful research on conditions, hazards etc prior to their trips. And of those who do, even they have a chance of a serious accident. That is the nature of the game. When it comes to Inner Tubes and Beach mattresses etc, in rivers, I still think that individual responsibility is the issue there.

    At most we can expect some signs posted at access areas, parking and ramp areas etc, denoting known local white water classifications and general risks etc. We can not expect to reasonably maintain an open "freeway" condition on whitewater rivers. Many of the snags and sweepers and strainers, that we consider hazards to navigation, are actually beneficial to the riverine environment; creatuing softer areas of flow, backeddies, turbulensce etc, all of which create rearing habitat for juvenile fish. Clearing these hazards can also present tremendous safety risks to the people doing it.

    I am in favor of mandatory PFD wearing on boats, rafts, kick boats, tubes etc.
    I was an EMT for several years in New England, trained and experienced in water and ice rescue etc. These events are very hard on everyone involved.
  10. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Check out the new regs. There is a bit in there about wearing life vests. Just a heads up.

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    I am very sorry for the loss suffered by her family and friends.