NFR Kicked in the ass again

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by miyawaki, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Meh. This news is as inconsequential as the news that we'd lost the Sonics to OKC.
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  2. Something like Costco carrying Sage Lugan? If you don't have something useful to say, be a good troll and stay under your bridge.
  3. Not trying to troll James. I would think someone with the name "Mello" would tend to react to an opinion like mine a bit more mildly.

    Let me elaborate: Having or not having a pro basketball team in Seattle bears little consequence on the well-being of the city beyond a little entertainment value and a few vendors who will gain financially. Our other big problems (transportation gridlock, below-average educational system, rising university costs, etc., etc. etc.) aren't impacted meaningfully either way. I just think we have bigger fish to fry. Sorry I offended you.

    And what do Costco and Sage have to do with this?
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  4. I don't want to get into a further debate with you about this on quality of life, economic development, etc, as it's long and tedious. But like I said, if you don't think it's worth it, then don't post on it. This was meant more to vent than anything else. Start a new NFR about Seattle city economics if that's what you want to get across..
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  5. Duuuude...Mello out.
  6. Lugan, take this offline. PM me if you are taking issue with anything written.

    Also, your pitiful attempts at using my name is way too obvious a target. Really, if you're going to try, at least make it fun: Maybe something *less* like these top five hits:

    You need some Mello yellow.
    You are not so Mello.
    Why are you so angry and not Mello?
    Mello out (root of your derivative attempt).
    Dude.... you should be more Mello

    If you really want, we can make this public and start playing word games, but I don't think we want to go there. Otherwise, we can go at it, wait until the mods ban us, then both of us sit in interwebs boredom.
  7. Really James, calm down.
  8. Please do , I'm bored shitless at work today !!!!
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  9. I hear ya, Mr. Mello. My last name is pronounced "Billy", so it's always billy goat this, billy the kid that....
  10. Lugan, you're not a mod, you're not my friend, and you certainly aren't aren't my dad. Stop with the little need to control kindergarten voice and either get off or start talking about the aborted Sonics purchase. I'm perfectly calm, I'm just in a position where I don't want this conversation to be anything other than Sonics venting. If in your little world, this doesn't compute, then just leave.
  11. Who made you arbiter of this thread's direction?
  12. So getting back to this, why the HELL was Clay Bennett a part of the relocation comittee??? And I can't find hide nor hair of what the SacTown counter was....
  13. I don't want the Sonics back if it comes at the expensive of another city losing their team. It happened to Seattle in a really shitty way. Why would we wish that on another city?
  14. Obviously your weak interference and trying to be a troll... It's perfectly within the right of a person involved with trying to post to a thread to ask to keep a thread on target. You've been around a keyboard for a while, so I think you'd remember the alt.* USENET stuff... Pretty much self policing with lots of flame wars. I'm trying to avoid that flame war part, and somehow you aren't

    So what's your excuse for trying to be a troll?
  15. Of the cities with teams that should be on the block SacTown was the one I thought *should* stay put. Why was New Orleans except from relocation for 2 years why the league owned it? What the hell are the Hornets out there, and don't get me started about the joke the Bucks are.
  16. Are you in a position to determine which team is ripe for a move and which team is not?
  17. I take it you're an avid NBA fan. Others aren't. Their opinion is just as valid.
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  18. James, I was not, as I have already stated, trying to be a troll. Really. Perhaps my initial post was too brief. However, I then elaborated on my opinion. That opinion is in fact on topic. You just disagree with it, and you appear to have a hard time disagreeing in a level headed manner. "Trolling" your post history, I can see that this is not an isolated incident for you. In any case, I am sorry that I have caused you angst and I will leave you to "your" thread.
  19. Not really. There aren't any owners that are selling right now. Minni was up on the blocks a while ago, but that purchase was shot down because the financials of the purchasing group in NO was pretty bad. Since then, other than the Maloofs, teams have been stable. The reality is, unless you're up to your ears in debt (like the Maloofs) profit sharing and the cap will generally still make less competitive teams (i.e. crappy teams) profitable.

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