NFR Kicked in the ass again

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by miyawaki, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Unfortunately, this is the state of the NBA. Back to Lugan's 2nd post that the league is less attractive than it used to be. Pirating another city's team is not something I want to be cheering for.
  2. Pot, kettle, black. You're known to do this too as are 99% of members, so stop playing the victim. As for disagreeing in a level headed manner, did you *really* need to move the the Junior High, "Dude... Mello out"? What about the "I would think someone with the name "Mello" would tend to react to an opinion like mine a bit more mildly"?

    After making those comments, let's ask who's level headed here? Did you think you were funny? Like a clown? Or did you think that weak humor veiled as passive aggression was a way to be sneaky and sly? I also asked to take this to PM, but you continue to troll, somehow pretending that "I don't mean to

    BTW, I personally I think it's funny that you got trolled...
  3. Wow.
  4. [quote="James Mello, post: 829931, member: 255"
    let's ask who's level headed here? ...[/quote]

    Not You!

    hey, you asked...
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  5. Not You!

    hey, you asked...[/quote]
    Heheh ;)
  6. Only way to settle this, a cast off. First combatant to cast into a hula hoop placed 80' away wins. Loser gives the winner his fly rod.


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  7. Wow I was unaware that Basketball was such an emotional issue,I though it was another deversion to kill time until the dog days of summer arrived.
  8. Yeah, it
    Do I get to use a 2 handed Sonics rod?
  9. I think a one on one basketball game or a game of PIG would be in keeping with the on going debate.
  10. So, seriously, getting back on topic. Anyone have any clue what this means to the proposed arena downtown?
  11. At least not more gridlock!
  12. It means no chance of an NHL team.

  13. That was going to be interesting. The judge threw it out saying it was too premature.... Now, what?
  14. Which I see as much more tragic.
  15. what the hell ? isn't there an nba fan forum ? or suicide prevention forum? or an i phone forum ? maybe the name wff should be changed to the washington nfr forum :confused:
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  16. I`d love to see an NHL team in Seattle .
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  17. As long as David Stern in head of the NBA you guys can put away your dreams of another team somehow magically appearing. He has a hard on for Seattle and is holding all the cards. Now back to the important stuff like no wind the rest of the week.
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  18. (deity of your choice) forbid that an online community with something in common discuss other topics. It's easy to not click on an NFR topic.
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  19. Please, remind me not to ... :rolleyes:

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