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  1. I lost interest in the NBA years ago and a part of me does not want to see a team return to Seattle. The league, much like the NFL and MLB have become so obnoxious in their franchise deals and holding long time, loyal cities and their fans hostage for huge profit deals.... I say to hell with them. But for hell sake, if we are going to bring a team back... seriously, the frigging Cow-town Kings? :rolleyes:
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  2. At the risk of having a girl stir the pot here, I for one, am ecstatic Seattle didn't get the Kings and will be even more ecstatic if Seattle doesn't get any NBA team. I am an avid NCAA basketball fan, rabid football (both college and pro), and cry with every despondent Mariner fan. I used to live on the east coast and love hockey, got to attend many Ranger games, and one of my alma maters just won the NCAA this year...that said, NBA basketball is a joke. Overly paid juveniles who don't play for 3 quarters and barely play for the last one. It's become, under David Stern, all about "show me the money."

    The deal between the City/County and Hanson is a cleverly disguised rip-off (Google Wenatchee arena which had a similar deal and now the taxpayers are eating a sales tax increase because, gasp, the developer is long gone and the revenue doesn't pay off the bonds...I can guarantee you that would happen here...Hanson is "the Music Man" to beleaguered NBA fans).

    Ok, off my rant. It was a good day. Thank you David Stern for not liking Seattle!

    Thinking about some stillwater fishing this coming weekend!
  3. If the Sonics return, great. If not, not a huge deal to me.
    I was actual more excited about seeing some concerts in the new arena then watching sports there.
    As long as there is college football, basketball and the NFL, I'm good for my sporting needs.
    The downside to dealing with the NBA is David Stern. The guy is the human equivalent to a tench....pure trash fish.
  4. When I lived in Sacramento when the Kings first got off the ground, it was well known that even the boys bassetball (NOT a typo, guys!) from Rio linda High could whip their ass. Took `em a long time to learn which end of the ball went in the net first. I take it they're a fairly decent team now, but they've had years to practice.
  5. Whats your thoughts on Football ?
  6. For anyone still following, I do apologize for trolling and egging people on. Seems like the discussion has moved on, but just wanted to be sure that folks know I apologized to Lugan for being a tool :)
  7. I won't lie, I'm bummed. Seems that Stern just wanted to jerk Seattle around again one more time before he steps down. No wonder the NBA has spent the past decade as a joke. If Stern hadn't been such a dumbass about an expansion team, I'd say this still might have a happy ending. But I wouldn't bet on it.

    And yes, more importantly, there goes our chance of an NHL team. I guess that saves me from deciding if I would stay a Canucks fan or switch to the city that held the rest of my pro sports teams since birth.
  8. I don't really care but my 8 year old son who eats and sleeps hoops cried for an hour after he found out. Which made me care. It would be cool to watch the games together / take him to the occasional game especially since he's not much for fishing.
  9. I'm no pro sports fan. In fact, I find pro sports kind of annoying. But aren't the Mariners setting records for low attendance? And they want to bring an NBA team to Seattle?
  10. I have to say you bring back good memories when my son was that age up to high school. Going to watch the Sonics was awesome then for him and I. Good times!
  11. I recall low fan involvement as one of the reasons the Sonics moved to begin with - or at least part of the reason they were sold to Bennet.
    As far as the NBA - aren't they the guys who were pulling guns on each other in their own locker room??
    That was it for me.
    If the Mariners are any example - Seattle has a difficult time supporting a team that doesn't WIN!!
  12. Right, because the low number of ice fishermen in Washington means there aren't many fly fishermen either?

    They are different sports, played at (mostly) different times of the year, and have different fans.
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  13. Typically, I wouldn't comment on a thread about professional sports (especially one that is nothing more than a giant's version of an English little girls game) but I just wanted to point out that many of you have provided ample evidence to support the assumption that NBA fans are tools. I, for one, am glad there will not be another reason to concentrate a bunch of tools in downtown Seattle, just so a small handful of people can get rich.

    And, for the record, tench are not trashy. Tench are cool. Bait chuckers are trashy!
  14. I'm just shy of indifferent. I wonder how many pro sports Seattle can support; it's not that big a city or metro area. I personally vote with my wallet and don't attend games because the value for the price paid just isn't there for me. I'm happy to let others support pro athletes and team owners. That said, it's been an entertaining story seeing the Hanson group try to acquire the Kings. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
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  15. Doesn't bother me in the least. The NBA is a snoozefest along with the Mariners and it shows with their pathetic attendance numbers. Although I would like to see Lebron James in action or Stephen Curry light it up from behind the arc, what a great shooter. The Sounders is where it's at! 35,000+ every game and it'd be more if they opened it up.
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  16. Couldn't agree more. Personally I could give two shits about the NBA, a shit each about MLB and MLS, and half a shit about the NFL. For me, NCAA football is another story, as is NCAA basketball in March.

    I've got an old friend who's been a hardcore Huskies fan since he was in grade school. He literally eats, sleeps and breathes everything Huskies (despite graduating from WSU!). His theory on why Seattle can't sustain back to back championship seasons in ANY sport is that we're so bloody far away from nearly everywhere else that the amount of time our teams spend traveling literally exhausts them before the game even begins. He claims nobody wants to travel to Seattle for just the same reason.

    That's his opinion, not mine, so before anybody flames me, I'm simply carrying the message.

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  17. Major college athletics isn't much to brag about these days, either. Huskies bball coach protecting a pimp, football trying to pretend it's amateur athletics... Ex-wife used to take tests for some of the football stars at the time. Made pretty good money at it.
  18. Steve, we are among the largest TV markets in the US....

    Rank Metropolitan Market Regions / Areas
    1 New York
    2 Los Angeles
    3 Chicago
    4 Philadelphia
    5 Dallas-Ft. Worth
    6 San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose
    7 Boston
    8 Atlanta
    9 Washington, DC
    10 Houston
    11 Detroit
    12 Phoenix
    13 Tampa-St. Petersburg
    14 Seattle-Tacoma
    15 Minneapolis-St. Paul
    16 Miami-Ft.Lauderdale
    17 Cleveland-Akron
    18 Denver
  19. Everybody loves to get all ape shit about the sonics, but I remember the last couple years they were here no one really cared, much less showed up to a game.

    I don't really like the SODO arena idea. They ought to rebuild the Key Arena. Otherwise, there'll be further testament to the idiocracy of blundered space known ironically as "Seattle Center". I'm also not amused by the hypocrisy of stealing another city's team when that's exactly what we're getting all riled up about. Good for Sacramento, at least they had the balls to stop it, unlike our own ineffective invertebrate local politicians.

    It's hard to admit, but Stern is a smart extortionist. Hansen & Co will be buying an expansion team north of 600M which will then inflate the value of all of the other owner's teams. That's why they all voted against it. They're used car salesmen and when you see a dumbass with a suitcase of money buying a hyundai elantra, you're not selling that damn piece of shit for anything less than at least 3/4ers of that suit case.

    Seattle will surely get a team, but it'll come at the expanse of sanity.

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