Killed it today with two of my kids...

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Alexander, May 3, 2014.

  1. So a friend and his dad took me and my two oldest out on a lake today. The 5 of us hopped into a 16ft boat powered by a minkota electric motor and off we were. We trolled with streamers and knocked them out! The kids had a blast! We were on the water by 7 am and by 9 we had tons of strikes and misses and 14 fish to net! At the end I threw for some Bass and managed to catch one. Everyone else came up empty handed on the Bass front. The weather looked like it was going to get real ugly, so we called it good and good it was. Dark colored wooly buggers were the ticket and my fly I'll post pics of later did real well for my son. It's a mini zonker variant, we ended up naming it "The Producer". ;). We saw top water action, Salamanders, Ospreys picking up fish and eagles flying low for fish as well. Lot's of stuff going on. It was perfect, especially seeing the kids catching like they did!

    The drive for me to get a boat is even stronger now...just need to hustle up some $$$. Maybe next season.
  2. Sounds like an awesome day! Thanks for posting
  3. Now that was a day well-spent & likely long-remembered! Well done!
  4. Cool! Your kids will remember today for the rest of their lives. Good work, Dad..
  5. "The Producer"... I like that name for a pattern.
  6. very nice to have that experience with the kids! looking forward to the pictures!

    and did you happen to tie some of those buggers and zonkers up yourself on your sweet regal?
  7. Yessir, that fly and all my other flies since I bought that gem from you have been tied on it! I love that vise! Really nice! I want to get one for my wife since she's expressed an interest in tying with me. :D Wonder if I'll ever find a killer deal like that on a good vise again!
    Here's a pic of The Producer. Pretty much a Zonker style pattern with hackle.
    Hook: Mustad R74-9672 Size 6 (Streamer 2XH/4XL
    A few lead wraps around the shank
    Body: Pearl Diamond Braided Flash (unraveled)
    Tail: Micro Pine Squirel Zonker Strip
    Rib: Mono line
    Hackle: Mallard
    Head: gold bead
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  8. So glad that vise is serving you well. I've tied with many fine vises and I still prefer my regal. You could pick up an old used Thompson A vise for your wife and/or kids. I get them for really cheap on eBay and they make great (inexpensive) loaners! Your "producer" is a fine looking fly. If my kids and I ever rename a fly, I always go with their new name over the old conventional one. Anyway, great post/report Alexander!
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  9. Great report! "The Producer" - great name! If you're looking for a boat, and you have a few kids, you should check out the boat Nick Clayton has posted in the Classifieds...affordable, and a great fishing boat.
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  10. Tough to beat a Thompson. I bought a travel Regal that never travels with me (on trips) because the base is to darn heavy - the C-clamp Thompson goes along, instead!

  11. Yeah, I'd be all over Nick's boat if I could...I'd be his lackey for 8 hrs a week for half a year if that would pay for it. ;)

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