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  1. I always fish with someone I can outrun.
  2. :thumb:

  3. I was stalked and charged by a cougar couple of years ago while bow hunting in the Mt. Adams area. Did not have a firearm on me since it was against regulations, but man, I wish I did. At least I could have scared the cat away when he was stalking. Since then, I carry a handgun in the wild, on hikes, fishing trips. And a fixed blade hunting knife on my bow hunting trips.
  4. I bumped into a large cougar while fishing in the Crowsnest past in Alberta Canada. Although it did kinda give me the creeps I did keep on fishing for the day. I do not carry a handgun for cougar protection as it is still be behind the fear of death by a plane crashing into my house (which is more likely in the state of washington). Can someone please help me if I am looking at the wrong stats. My research shows that there has been only one death by cougar attack in the state of washington...with attacks being around only 10. What am I missing?
  5. the simple fact that people love being afraid, maybe?

    anyway, it may be more convenient and easier than toting a gun to just slip some bacon into your buddy's coat pocket!:D
    unless he knows that trick too...:(
  6. Brief story:
    I have a fellow surveyor friend who tells of a couple incidents that happened in winter. He was digging through +-6' of snow, recovering section corners in the Cle Elum area, deep woods with no one else around. Looks up and a cougar is just watching from maybe 20 to 30 feet away. Spooked him pretty good. Fortunately no attack, but it's evident the cougar knew he was in charge.
  7. cj6530,
    Nah, you've got it right. Your chances of being "stalked", let alone attacked by a cougar are so vanishingly small as to be non-existent. Same with bears. There's a a much greater likelihood of inhaling kangaroo rat dung and dying of Hanta virus. I think that most of the "stalking" reports derive from the fact that cougars, like most cats, are curious and want to investigate anything out of the ordinary in their environment. Most of the "attack" reports I've heard (from Washington and elsewhere) involve runners or bicyclists where, I suppose, the ingrained prey response was triggered.
  8. Two Hanta deaths in Western Washington in the last week, CDC is tracking on it.
    Population explosion of rodents (natural reservoir) due to the wet year we're having.
    Good excuse to put off cleaning the garage till next year:D
  9. It's all about choices & personal preference.

    IF the next "rare" cougar/bear/human predator" attack happens to involve me as the target, I opt to be prepared . . . bleeding, screaming like a small child, running, or dying just aren't my preferred personal responses.

    As for fear, I've been there (mostly many years ago in a land far away) . . . I understand & respect cougars/bears, but can't say that I "fear" them . . . I do, however, choose to offset their claws, teeth, and power with my version of insurance.

    10% bleach to water . . . wouldn't clean the garage without it.

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