King Egg Sucking MOAL (4 the Sauk)

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Jeremy Husby, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. Jeremy Husby

    Jeremy Husby Is there a Vahalla for fishermen?

    Well this pattern really has some loyal followers; Ferguson did a number with this one. So I have been playing with some variants of it. I have seen some great ones from Alaska, allot of the better ones were egg sucking MOALs and a gentleman from this board asked me to tie some using this King fisher blue. I think it turned out quite well and would get some great bites on the Sauk & Skagit. So once again here for you string leechers out there, the “King-Egg-Sucking MOAL”:

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  2. Jeremy Husby

    Jeremy Husby Is there a Vahalla for fishermen?

    (1) First mount to vises next to each other, from tip to tip should be around 3 1/2” from each other. Create a loop with some sort of braided line (Spectra or Dacron are what I use), thread the loop through the eye, bring the hook through the loop creating a loop around the shank and leaving two tag ends coming straight from the eye, they both should be around 6” in length. Mount a cheap egg hook in the for-vise and bring the tag ends through the eye and back down the shank. Start the thread at the bend of the hook, after secure bring the thread forward covering the line nice and secure; bring the thread back to half shank so the rabbit can be tied in later, whip finish or half hitch (you notice I do this when ever something is tied in, this makes for a fly that can take a beating)

    (2)Take the cross-cut material (most likely rabbit) and prepare it by pinching off about 1/4” of fur leaving a exposed tag end of leather. Insert in between the line and place a drop of glue, I use super glue but there are many other great types of glue that can be used. Now run a bead of glue down the length of the line.

    (3)Start wrapping the fur up the line now

    (4 optional, best used when using two colors of fur)Stop halfway and tie on some flash, an over hand knot works fine since there is still glue on the line. If using two colors here is where one would end and the other would be inserted.

    (5)Wrap all the way to the bend to the hook and then one wrap around shank. Tie off and trim.

    (6)Tie in some flash to accent the body, trim at the end of the fur. Half hitch or whip finish.

    (7)Tie in some Polar Chenille or Soft hackle (schlappen). Make sure to take out any twist in the thread so the head can be even. Wrap in the collar of choice then tie off and trim. Half hitch or whip finish

    (8)I used Antron Chenille for the egg in this picture, there is many other options. Pinch off ½” of the chenille exposing the core, tie in and create a nice neat egg. I brought the chenille back one warp over the collar; this hides the stem or core of the collar material and leaves a nice look.

    (9)Whip finish and cement, cut off the spear of the for-hook with a pair of dykes.

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  3. Surf_Candy

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    Jeremy - I sure appreciate the time you have spent on the detailed instructions for your patterns - not in the MOAL mode now, but I can come back later and and dive in! Thanks a ton.

  4. Dan-O

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    Where did you find the king fisher blue rabbit fur? I've been trying to find some for a while now.
  5. hap

    hap Member

    Two words- tube fly

    They will last much longer, tangle less and save a bunch of time...

    Blue has become my favorite color for silver salmon flies.
  6. Mark Walker

    Mark Walker Active Member

    Great directions! Nicely done. Thanks!
  7. Matt Smith

    Matt Smith On the river Noyb

    Great instructions! Even a dummy like me could follow that. You may have a career ahead of you for online fly instruction.
  8. TallFlyGuy

    TallFlyGuy Adipossessed!

    Tube fly? The whole purpose of a moal is to have awesome swimming and moving action in the water. IF you tie that up on a tube, it will be rigid and lack the characteristics needed to make it so enticing to fish.
  9. mike doughty

    mike doughty Honorary Member

    nice pictorial! i have wondered how these were tied
  10. bhudda

    bhudda heffe'

    i agree! i tye them in tube form, i dare not put the recipe for it on here as it might be the new marine worm! it does take some imagination to even visualize the concept, but once you see it in person, its all over. that rabbit is much more swimmy when its left to do what it does, undulate! rather then being wrapped around string,bunching up the leather and having to throw a wet rug. not doggin the moal pattern, but there are better ones out there ON TUBES!
  11. seanengman

    seanengman Trout have no politics

    Thanks for the great post. Tight lines.

  12. sashjo

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  13. Zack Dudley

    Zack Dudley Take em'

    pretty sure jerry wasnt wanting you guys to post smart A$$ things about his awesome pattern take your tube fly tom foolery somewhere else
  14. Jeremy Husby

    Jeremy Husby Is there a Vahalla for fishermen?

    hmmm . . . It would be a completely different pattern on a tube. I have changed to a furled mono shank to tie on which allows for a more rigidity and easier to tie. I also include a small tube for a solid base to create a head on. Also I use a dubbing brush instead of tying the rabbit on with the leather. Really cuts down on weight, allows use of only one hook :) I'm sure these pics are self explainable. Thanx
  15. rmflyrods

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    This last technique is nice. It didn't occur to me to try it this way. Great stuff.
  16. cutthroatking

    cutthroatking screw work lets fish

    I'm with TFG on this.Using a tube also adds weight that you might not want or need.I would rather control the depth of my fly with my tip and not the fly.

  17. pmjasper

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    Jeremy, both great tutorials. I too have heard of the extensive weight on tying the MOAL pattern in it's traditional style, as per your first tutorial but can see the difference in the way the fur sits between your first and second set of pics. Have you found any great difference in using the rabbit fur with and without the hide?
  18. ddman

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    Would you mind going into more detail re: the furled shank...e.g. how do you incorporate the hook? you furl manually or on a board ? how do you finish off the ends?...etc?
  19. ddman

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  20. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Anyone take the tube approach with the very flexible micro tubing? Benefits of a tube without the rigidity that a few of you have mentioned?