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  1. Has anyone been to or heard of how King lake near Duvall is doing? I have heard conflicting reports about it. I have heard that Weyerhaeuser owns the land and i have also heard that Remlinger owned it and told all his buddies to go up there and they hit it pretty hard. if it was on public land i would like to access it. I got the chance to fish it once for free and I thought it was pretty cool. any info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. King Lake has always been on private land - it was never a part of Weyerhaeuser's (now Hancock's) Snoqualmie Tree Farm. Access used to be via King Lake Rd. off Lake Fontal Rd. but when the lake and surrounding land were sold several years ago, that route was closed with a huge dumptruck load of rocks where the old metal gate is/was. The old gate was almost always open for use by maintenance trucks that services a broadcast tower located up the road past the lake on a nearby hilltop.

    Before the closure, King Lake was a typical westside lowland lake fishery: relatively low biomass due to low levels of nutrients and dissolved solids in the water meant little available food for the resident coastal cutts, which as a result never attained much size or numbers.

    The lake and land were purchased and ended up being owned by one or more members of the Remlinger family (of Remlinger Farms fame). The lake was planted with large fish of several strains which were fed fish chow to maintain their size and growth rate. The lake was then offered for a year or more as a 'pay to play' fishery with fishers booked and 'guided' by All About the Fly in Monroe. After it began operation as a for-fee fishery, a security service was retained to prevent access by all but paying customers.

    For reasons unknown, the owners apparently either sold or chose to stop running the lake as a business operation. It's pretty certain though that if their daily ration of fish chow was terminated, it's highly unlikely that many (or even any) of the planted fish survived.

  3. Was King Lake formerly known as Hannan Lake?
  4. No. Two totally different lakes.

    Hannan is about a mile or so to the SE from King Lake and is about as private as a lake can get. It's part of the Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle's Camp Hamilton and fishing is NOT allowed and strictly enforced. (Or at least until the Archdiocese may be found guilty of allowing predatory priests to fondle little boys and is forced to sell the camp and other real property to pay a multi-million dollar settlement like other dioceses have elsewhere!)

  5. My original post got dumped by the server, so here's the abridged version.

    It's owned by "King Lake Properties LLC" of which Dave Remlinger seems to be the active managing entity ("djzaro" is a member here and has more info if you're really dying to know more). King Lake road is no longer blocked, but there is a locked gate. It is possible to get there from powerline access roads and THAT gate is usually open from what I hear. It is still private property so it would be poaching & trespassing to fish there without permission. But that would be dumb because the fishing is not that good.

    I fished it from my tube a couple days ago. I caught several 7" cutts and one that was 12-13". A friend and his son bait fished from the dock and had no luck at all.

    It is a beautiful setting and being alone on the lake was very relaxing. Too bad about the fish though.

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