Kingpin Spey Reel comes to Washington

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Thomas Mitchell, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. I got Kingpin Spey Reel #4 wet this morning. No fish but did get one grab that was probably a rock but I'm telling myself it was a fish...

    Anyway, the Kingpin reel is very sweet. I'll do a full review when I've spent more time on the water with it. Maybe include some video, etc. It's looks killer and sounds awesome, can't wait to hear it sing with a hot OP native!

    Used today with an ACR1327, Flight 475/10' T14 and Winter Authority 6/7 & Delta 6/7 type 7 tip. Balanced great. Should be perfect for 12-13' 7/8wt rods.

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  2. Sweet !!!

    I`m jealous .
  3. that's nicer looking then I thought!!! What is the weight of your reel? Last but not least, how strong of a spring?
  4. I didn't weigh it before lining it but the specs say 10.5oz. it weighs 13 3/8oz lined with 150yds of 30lb dacron, WA 6/7 & Delta 6/7 tip (thx again for turning me on to these lines/tips). It does look really nice, the 'stealth' type3 coating is not quite flat, not quite glossy. I make a point of putting a nice scratch on my new reels the first time out so that I stop worrying about keeping them 'pristine'. I put this one down pretty hard on a rock and got a tiny pin prick of the finis to come off. So, the finis is tough but not indestructible.

    The spring feels stronger than the Abel I spun in the shop and significantly stronger than the check on a 3 3/4" Bougle (I'm currently 4" Bougle-less). It's not as strong as a 4" Dingley Perfect I used to own but that thing was really strong. The check is symmetrical so you can engage both pawls like some Bougle owners do. Then the check is very strong, like a true drag and the extra pawl makes it purr.

    I think you like a really strong spring so it might not be stiff enough for you. Personally, I like the check to be as light as I can get away so it's just about perfect for me. With one pawl engaged it makes king of a roaring sound, quite loud but smooth.

    The palming rim is brilliant, no more sticking my finger in the spool. I guess that's a given coming from a centerpin maker.

    I'm really happy with the reel. It's like 98% of the way to being my perfect reel and the last 2% are just cosmetic idiosyncrasies of mine, things like a groove in the spool spindle to hold the backing knot or a fat handle like the pre-war salmon Perfects, etc. I don't anticipate fishing anything else with my 1327 or 7133 until my name comes up on William's waiting list (raised pillar) in a year or so.

    Stuart let me know a trout reel is next and I'm lobbying for a 3" 3/4wt model. Following that will be something in between the two sizes.

    The new Zeppelin center pin reel also looks amazing. I've never tried 'pinning but just seeing that reel has me wanting to start!

    I'm gonna try to start heading north more in 2013 so you're welcome to give a lookover in person any time.
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  5. thanks thomas I found their site and am debating on the skeena model...the weight seems right. Hard to find a clicker that is light enough for the 7127 or 1266/7 rods I use most of the summer etc. I've been running a new model taupo but had to send it to arch. when I blew up the spring..
    Abel can bite me...their springs suck..i even had arch put an old hardy one over it and it still backlashed on me...abel told me they were sending me stronger springs and never did and don't answer emails so I got nothing good to say about them...

    Hoping the kingpin will fit the bill as I only got the one reel for those rods and when the taupo blew up I was screwed....

    oh and I really like the fly in your pic. I was out on an S river sat. fishing a brown wing similar and it swam really nice in the water...then it fell off my hat somewhere which means I can tie up a few more...i think I've gone over the hill...gonna try those sweet flies and a dryline this winter...way fun!!!
  6. G-

    That fly is the Country Doctor, my PNW interpretation of the Black Doctor salmon fly:


    I'll be fishing with Nate down at Burkie in Feb and he mentioned balck and red as good for his river.

    PM me your mailing address and I'll send you a fly I'm working on specifically for dryline use in winter after the holidays. It's a re-visioning of a very old BC fly pattern.

    I'm still going to use tips but with the WA 6/7 and 7/8. Moving away from the skagits as much as possible as the WA's are just more fun to fish.
  7. will do

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