Kingpin Spey Reels

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Thomas Mitchell, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Thomas Mitchell Active Member

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    For those of you that don't read Speypages, there is a new option in high-end gear-pawl reels coming this winter. Kingpin reels, a well-known centerpin reel maker in England will be releasing a spey reel in December.

    I haven't sen one in person but the photo's look awesome and their centerpin reels have a good reputation. I really like the fact that there appears to be no plastic in their reel except for the handle.

    I'll be checking one out...
  2. Josh dead in the water

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    Looks like money!

    Seriously though, looks nice. Guessing it's out of my wallet's reach though.
  3. Brian Thomas Active Member

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    More than a Hardy Salmon , but less than a Perfect . About $600:00 I believe . I handled the Skeena version recently on the Copper .
    I`ll be getting one .
  4. Matthew Gulbranson Resident Swinger

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    They look great. I wonder how they sound as well as how they feel when your fishing them? A bit out of my price range, but they do look nice! I like the color options as well as the brass.
  5. Thomas Mitchell Active Member

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    I contacted the Kingpin representative, Stuart, for a bit more info about the reels and found out they will be available in early December. He is on his way over here to spend 1 month in BC/USA starting out with a trip to Skeena then coming down to talk to shops, etc. Hopefully, we'll get some of their reels down here.

    He also passed along some promo photos that will be used in a big UK magazine. At smidge over 4" and 10oz, sems like they'd be perfect for 12-13' steelhead rods. Like Brian, I'll be placing an order.

    _Spey-Insert.jpg 185272_3238433419388_1207464487_n.jpg 310600_3238432059354_1589142641_n.jpg _Spey-Skeena-Insert.jpg Skeena-Action-1.jpg
  6. Ian Broadie Flyfishing is so "Metal"

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    That reel looks pretty slick, very intrigued by it. Their pin reels look awesome as well.