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  1. First time fishing with my TFO since I broke it last month. Good thing for those lifetime warrantees :). I landed 2 and missed 1 from 1430-1630. Definitely took advantage of the sunshine. As i was taking a pic of of the other fish, i noticed a pair of panties and beer can floating in the water. That being unappropriate I decided not to post that pic but it definitely describes Bremerton fishing lol. Great cold, sunny and windy afternoon! IMAG0361.jpg IMAG0363.jpg
  2. Good job, mate! I too tried our area this afternoon but only managed a couple of bumps. Then again, I'm a noob at tossin' flies so I was just appreciative of the time spent working on my cast. It was pretty windy and cool though, eh? I'm still thawing out my legs!! ;)
  3. A little off subject but I get very cold all over when my legs are cold. Remedy perhaps... Cabelas sell a very inexpensive wader, three forks, ($89.00 I think), that keeps the water away from you and loose enough that you can easily layer up underneath them. A side benifit is that they are very durable. I'm on my 5th year and they work as well as day 1.
    Solved my prolem pretty much.
  4. Not to hijack this thread, but yeah, I have a pair of Cabelas non-neoprene waders and that's exactly what I do.

    In the past (before old age and injuries ;)) I was an active climber and backcountry telemark skier and I'm very familiar with the concept of layering. I'm now using in fishing all the clothing I once used in the mountains. I just went a bit too light in my leg layers this afternoon and was pretty chilled after 1 1/2 hrs. in the water. It was still a very fun afternoon!! :)
  5. Neoprene is comfy once you get them on though. I fished rubber waders for about 3 yrs but they busted on me this Nov while trying to fish for chums. For $40 you get what you pay for I guess. I got my first pair of neoprene this year. I still layer with sweat pants and thermals but I put windbreaker pants as an outside layer so the waders slide easier. I'm out of breath when I finally get them on but once they're up I feel great and stay warm.
  6. I grew up fishing (& skiing/diving) Agate Pass in the 60s/70s. Back then it was common to observe a "latex tube fly" hatch near the boat ramp. Just a romantic stroll from the tony clubs in Suquamish.
  7. :D
    Yeah, I recall the same sort of "flotsam/jetsam" in the south Sound about the same era. I remember fishing off the Pt. Defiance Boathouse dock in the early '60s and seeing a herring swim by. Not an uncommon occurrence, right? Well, this bait fish was completely ensconced in a condom and only his tail was exposed which allowed him to continue to swim. We kids got a lot of laughs out of this!!
  8. I actually caught a condom off Fay Bainbridge in the 60's while trolling...
  9. The "Brooklyn Mackerel" is perhaps the most invasive of all aquatic species.

    Almost forgot. Congrats on getting out and connecting with a nice searun cutt, blvdsouldja!
  10. I didn't realize anyone used condoms back then;)
  11. Put up a good fight? ;)
  12. Before "the pill" what choice (outside of abstinence) did bucks have to avoid spawning??? :p

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