NFR KJR Going Away???

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  1. Nearly fell off the ladder today trying to catch the back end of what I thought was an announcement that KJR was closing up on August 12th. While getting some much needed re-caulking done on the truck camper, I hear Bob Rivers saying; "it's been fun", "hanging up", "like to thank my crew" and "when it all comes to an end"... :eek: ! Getting the complete message a few segments later brought much relief...though still some concern. Only Bob is hanging up the headphones and shutting off his microphone. A new KJR format starts and with that hopefully continued success and little departure from the best radio station in Seattle (for us older folks anyway).

    In all fairness, this is fishing related IMO as I (and I'm betting a good many on WFF) have listened to this station for a long time while driving to/from fishing, tying flies and camping when in the area. Long live classic rock.
  2. Been listening to KJR since the AM days. :cool:
    KOL too - they were rivals on the AM dial way back (when the Stones and Kinks and the Who were new...).

    I still remember the KJR AM jingle!
    Thanks for the memories Freestoneangler!
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  3. Late 70's. I remember the Bob & Judy show. Can't remember the name of the character that was on with them. Gruff high voice; Morning Bob - Morning Judy?
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  4. I grew up listening to KJR AM in the 60s, with DJ Pat O'day and others. KOL too - more music, more often. I only listen to KJR FM a little bit these days, but enough to have a station pre-set on my car radio. What's the new format going to be? Frankly, I've been a man without a home radio station since the Mountain (103.7) changed its adult rock format 3 or 4 years ago. Hard to believe I listen to Ron & Don (Kiro FM) on the way home from work in the afternoon.
  5. Never been a fan of the Bob Rivers show. Reason #1 why I switched from KJR FM.
  6. Next Friday is the last day for Bob and they will let us know what is happening on the 8th. We will have to wait till then to find out what is up.
  7. They really haven't said... it's going to be tough replacing Bob Rivers. Kind of like replacing Casey Kasem... you can't.
  8. geez Salmo, and we both flyfish too.
    Seems we've wandered the same path.
  9. I started listening to KJR when I got my first car, in 1956. All we had back then was AM radio.
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  10. I remember when Bob Rivers came to town on KISW. I thought "who the hell are these east coast assholes?". Over the years they kind of grew on me. Especially Spike. He's cracked me up more than a few times on my morning commute.
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  11. "KJR 95!"
  12. I too grew up to KJR and KOL. Imagine that. I Fitch too.
    Then you guys remember the Mountain ( when it was amazing), the Fresh Air and Lance Romance.
    There were some good daze back there.
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  13. Whiskey Tango Hotel, I could not care less!
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  14. Obviously not a NW native. KJR was the bomb
    in the 50's 60's 70's if you want a good read
    pick up Beau Phillips book " I killed Pink
    Floyd's pig. A great book on early Seattle
    radio. He was the PM at KISW. I'll miss Bob
    Rivers. Great show with witty banter.
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  15. Man, I can sure remember listening to both KJR and KOL "back in the day"! Pat O'Day, Larry Lujack, Lan Roberts......those are the only names I can remember.

    In 1965 my now-wife (we were both 14 at the time) won a KJR sponsored trip for her and one other to the Beatles concert in Portland. She took her younger sister and they were chauffeured in a limo by none other than Lan Roberts!
  16. Couldn't get Seattle stations in Montana back in the '60s, but if the skip was right & you hit Salt Lake or Oklahoma R&R stations, it was a good night. We have a pretty good oldies rock & roll station here, but their play list is too short, so you get a lot repeats.
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  17. I started listening in 1958 when I moved to Tacoma. Pat O'Day was the main man and then later Emperor Smith; got away from it when I went in the service and never made it back until recently. But I have been an avid KJR Sports Radio listener since 1994. While it is just all sports, it keeps me informed and entertained whenever I'm driving. They play Northwest Wild Country on Saturday mornings which is a pretty informative outdoor segment for two hours, as well. Listening now as I'm typing this.
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  18. Way to add some value there Mumbles.
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  19. Early signs of curmudgeonliness setting in... :p
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  20. Lan Roberts, Emperor Smith, Pat O'day.
    We're going way back!
    Pat O'day is the best hydro' race announcer that ever lived! "last lap and...Oh Boy Oberto and Pay N Pak in a dead heat...!"

    Mumbles; you don't know what you missed!
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