NFR KJR Going Away???

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  2. Thought I'd see references to Lockwood or at least Charlie & Clyde w/ Debbie Deutsch by now.....btw is no one else bothered that Slayton is off the air again??
  3. Yeah I sure remember KJR ----PITA!:mad:

    During the late 60s and early 70s I was in the radio business in Portland, first in sales, later in management and ownership. KJR was clear channel (like our KGW and KXL) and sometimes they'd actually take share from us at night! Top notch rocker. We hated them but always admired their formatting. The second station was a progressive rocker and they didn't bother us, although that one …..didn't work out too well for us :eek: KQIV FM for any old Portlanders.
  4. No mention of KTAC? That was a Tacoma competitor to the Seattle rock stations with its office in the Tacoma Mall office building. It was kind of cool to go up to their floor and watch the DJ's through the windows.

    I also miss KWJZ (Smooth Jazz). I have a sax I always wanted to learn to play and that station was my inspiration. Unfortunately, no associated perspiration. :rolleyes:
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    So what's a guy to do? Guys who are boomers, that is. It was expected and accepted to put up with the shitty bubble gum rock on KJR or KOL to get a chance to hear the good stuff that was developing in rock music. That kinda' crap is totally unacceptable with all the choices that should be available today. I was totally at home with the Mountain when Marty Reimer and Shawn Stewart influenced its programming, but it shifted 3 or 4 years ago, and then totally flipped to some kind of eclectic disco dip-shit girl music a year or so ago. The airwaves are full of classic rock stations that for some idiotic reason think they have to include the bubble gum genre in their former Top 40 playlist.

    While staining the fence this weekend I found myself scanning stations and landed on something called ROXY (I think) in Tumwater that has a playlist much like what the Mountain used to be. Isn't there a market for adult rock and classics any more?
  6. Sorry Salmo, but it is called getting old. Soon you will be listening to the GOLDEN OLDIES.
  7. Olive,

    I tuned in a station in 1985 that I kinda' liked . . . until they announced themselves as playing the "golden oldies." Crap!
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  9. Awww... KWJZ - Smoooooth Jazz.
    Yep, I listened to that. In the early '80's they aired a syndicated San Francisco area based early morning "new age space" music program called "Musical Starstreams". It helped set the tone on many a day while driving up into the once lonelier Cascade Mountains and assisted in an improved, quiet zen like approach to success on the chosen stream or mountain lake of the days' choosing.
    I later moved for a time to Marin County, CA where I learned the program was based and referred to as "Marin Hot Tub Music".
  10. I listen to 104.5. It has lots of quality music and they throw in a song from the 90's now and then.
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  11. I did hate when "smooth jazz" went away...which really surprised me because I would think Seattle is a primo market for that music. Between that station and KJR, I was set.

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