Klickitat Opening Day

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Paul Huffman, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. I could have poked up the Deschutes for the last of the big fly hatch, or could have gone bassing or carping, but the Klickitat was running lower than average, looking clear, so I booted up Saturday for a walk through a favorite run Saturday, first day of the season.

    I had low expectations, but it was nice to get out and play with my gear again. And every year, most of the hatchery fish detected at Lyle Falls come through in May and June. The Klickitat was sending a plume of clear water into the Columbia, a reverse of what it will be next month. There were a few other fly guys out on the lower river, thinking the same thing as me.

    Vaux swifts squawked in the blue sky. Nice and warm. No need for two pairs of socks and extra layers of polypro underwear, fishing mitts, or wool hat. Then I was surprised to see a big honey colored black bear walking up the Klickitat trail across the river from me. My new fishing dog watched in big eyed respectful silence. Then five minutes later, a female jogger came running up river on the trail. I called out "Bear!" and pointed up river but she had a hard time hearing me. Maybe she thought I was yelling something obscene. I repeated my call, adding "Careful. Make some noise so you don't surprise it." The jogger stopped, seemed to understand that I had said "Bear!", but continue upriver. Five minutes later she came trotting back down river, so I guess nothing bad happened. Maybe she saw tracks, or the bear, and decided to turn around.

    Halfway through the run, I actually got a bump in an unexpected place. Unexpected only because I've never caught any fish right in that place but the depth and velocity are about right. I doubt it was a rock because I covered that spot multiple times with different (smaller, darker, lighter, brighter, and heavier) flies, but couldn't get it to happen again.

    Finished up the run, the dog had fun rolling in otter shit and poison oak, then the sun was getting too high. Time for an ice cream at Rolf's Klickitat Trader. No fish caught, but I made some great casts.

  2. Nice report! Still have yet to see a bear on that river but see lots of tracks. Can't wait to get on the Klick again.
  3. Sounds like a nice day. I too have wondered about bears up there. But then again I make more noise that a schizophrenic steam roller, crashing through the brush and talking to myself. Keeps other anglers away too :)
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  4. i'd give away my first born, just to swing a run that might hold one single steelhead right now. maybe why i dont have a first born. i'm stuck in troutsville till october.
  5. Yes, Sunday was absolutely beautiful on the Klick! I noticed the flows and decided that I'd better get out & knock the dust off my 8119 prospector switch...

    The only excitement aside from a couple very aggressive steelhead smolt was real good grab & go out in front of Al's place... Hard telling if it was steelie or salmon, all I know is that it woke me up from day dreaming about the beautiful surroundings...
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