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  1. Since the WDFW is accepting proposals for the Columbia River tribs thru May 30th, now would be a good time step up to the plate on this issue. I believe that the Klickitat should have two fish limit and mandatory kill on hatchery steelhead/salmon. No more C&R all day long. Land two hatchery steelhead/salmon and you are done for the day. That should give the fish a break and take some of the pressure off. Any other ideas should be proposed as well. Tom
  2. I'm in.
    Thanks Tom, anyone who think's this is a good idea please go to:
    and hit "Submit Rule Proposals Online" button...and tell 'em what you think. I'm with Tom and will submit within the next few minutes.

    GREAT IDEA and good for wild fish.
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  3. great idea. i'll gladly give my vote. maybe no bait, or fishing from a floating device also, or would that be a pipe dream ? sure would help take some pressure off the deschutes :rolleyes:
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  4. I don't fish the Klic so I will play devils advocate. If I drive that far to fish I want to be able to fish a full day. Maybe if you choose to fish with bait you are done after two fish but CNR should not be a crime. We need to be careful what we wish for.
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  5. if you are fly fishing, i dont think you'll have to worry about reaching your 2 fish limit very often. maybe the bobber and bead guys would be fishing shorter days. my best klick day ever was 2 fish on the swing. that was after 3 fishless days. both wild. a good point tho, with wdfw, they are likely to interpret a proposal like that as "everyone can kill 2 fish a day for 2 months, wild or otherwise", and then close the river on sept.31 :confused:
  6. I've seen this in work over on the Skokomish... it doesn't. That said, if folks could abide by the rules, it is a good way to minimize pressure on fish.
  7. One of the concerns here is the fact that many of these steelhead, wild as well as hatchery fish, are being hooked many times over the course of the season. How many times can they be fought to near exhaustion w/o affecting their performance come spawning time? We should be removing the hatchery fish so that our wild fish have a better chance to thrive. Tom
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  8. FYI: The regulations allows a limit of 6 fish, June 1 -July 31 above the #5 fishway. Up to 2 hatchery steelhead may be retained. Release adult salmon. Release wild chinook. From Aug 1 - Nov 30, Daily limit 6. Up to 3 adult chinook may be retained. Up to 2 hatchery steelhead may be retained.
  9. Isn't there a similar rule for the Methow and the Wenatachee(sp?) when the "emergency season" is on? Anyone know how well it works?
    Of course, if WDFW didn't put hatchery fish in those rivers, there wouldn't be an emergency; hmmmmm. . . wonder how that idea applies to the Klick.
  10. i did not know... 6 hatchery fish ? and in pusuit of these 6 hatchery fish a huge number of wild fish are caught and handled and/or mishandled how many times? restrictions banning more effective methods as well as the changes mentiond would not only protect wild fish better, but increase equal angler opportunity, gear guys would still have plenty of ways to fish.i'd like to see bait and treble hooks go away forever. maybe more than beads even.
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  11. i reccomend no fly fishing centerpinning only
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  12. Good point about Methow and Wenatchee. While I hear the Met is worse, mandatory retention has certainly not solved crowding. And with a three king limit...there will be crowds.
  13. The one big issue I see with this: The Klickitat canyon is remote.. no roads, no nothing in the way of any kind of access for enforcement to even see violations. Some will play by the rules, sure, but asking anglers to stop fishing after two landed fish will be completely impossible to enforce.

    If you want to limit the Klick's pressure, I think the only way to do it is to manage it as a "classified" or "quality controlled" waterway like you see in British Columbia on the Thompson and Skeena system. I'd like the see quality controlled fisheries on the Klick and upper Columbia tribs myself. Think it could do a lot to help the pressure. I love the Klickitat, but it can be extremely tough to do a float there during the fall due to all the guides and self guided anglers like myself plugging up the canyon floats.

    I haven't fished there since 2011 because I felt like I should remove myself from the growing pressure. I miss it and want to return this year, and might, but I have reservations about doing so.
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  14. Well said! No reason to outlaw anyone's fishing method. Barbless hooks are already required on the Klick. Years ago (1980's) during "a guides are ruining the Klickitat witch hunt" a friend of mine suggested that he didn't care if you used a pitch fork to harvest your two fish. The point is you can harvest two hatchery steelhead, regardless of the method, then give it a rest. There's always tomorrow. If catch and release is your game, cut the point off your hooks and the fish should release itself, before it gets played half to death. Tom
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  15. I think it's the grip and grin photo that people are paying the big money for...
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  16. At the rate that steelhead anglers are being made, you all should simply get used to what you consider overcrowding. In 10 years, anywhere in this state, crowding is going to be worse, or the fishing will be closed. This trend will continue until you are in the ground. Just enjoy it for what it is and if you want to minimize your impact, do so however you see fit.

    I fish the Vedder a lot in BC and it's crowded but everyone expects that and anglers are 10X nicer than in WA. Often in WA, when I am hiking way the hell out in no mans land with nobody in sight, I come across a guy who is majorly upset to see me. Ironic isn't it?
  17. The mandatory retention on the Methow worked very well to increase angler retention of hatchery steelhead, which was the whole point. It worked well enough that NOAA allows us to have a season instead of shutting it down as they'd threatened to do if we didn't improve retention.
  18. Eliminate guides.

    Go Sox,
  19. in idaho there is avery special place closed to guiding. if there were guides comping trips for writers, it would be on the cover of every magazine, and loved to death. washington could use at least one special place. too bad the oly p. couldnt be a special place again, at least not till they leave some other winter rivers open. a nice start would be major restrictions on 2 rivers. one summer, one winter. let people see what could happen, maybe set the stage for more. guides wouldnt be a problem if you eliminated fishing from a boat. any guide worth a dam can instead teach someone how to actually fish, istead of just chasing the boober.
  20. the problem is that the local WDFW office needs DATA. It will not get involved on quality of fishing issues. if it could be statistically proven that fishing from a boat was better for ESA listed stocks then they might do something about it but they are not going to get involved in an issue that protects one persons fishing over another...

    the only fish native to the Klickitat are steelhead and spring chinook. the spring chinook are in really bad shape and spiraling downward. why? because of all the hatchery springers and fall chinook they plant..
    unfortunately it's difficult to tell wild springer redds from other chinook redds otherwise i'd be recommend a trample the redds outing.

    kill everything that you catch which is not wild. kill all coho and fall chinook.

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