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  1. no guide worth hiring would attempt to catch and release as many fish as possible for his clients.. such a guide lacks understanding and doesn't belong on a wild fish resource.

    this river is simply going to be destroyed by the tribes for the sake of harvest..

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  2. I've done that. Played to exhaustion, and been able to perform at a spawning opportunity.
  3. In my experience on the Olympic Peninsula- virtually every single guide coming out here to guide for wild winter steelhead does indeed "attempt to catch and release as many fish as possible for his clients." And yes, they do lack a certain kind of "understanding."
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  4. Paul, try swimming a couple hundred miles first, then let me know if isn't a game changer! Tom
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  5. seriously there just steelhead we can make more
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  6. all guides must prove they live in the unincorporated town of klickitat for 10 months out of the year. /thread
  7. Harvest is a tradition on the Klickitat. I personally harvest every legally harvestable fish I catch, most of them go to my neighbors. Very few non-fly fishermen release harvestable fish so they can catch more or continue fishing. The truth is most locals and many non-locals come here specifically to "harvest fish"...because they want or need them for food.

    Seems fly fishermen are more interested in catching them over and over again, regardless of potential impact over time. One of the real problems for guys who like to fish but don't eat fish is what to do with a fish if you're required to kill it. Here's a shot at solving that problem.

    If we can get some serious support for this rule change I'll make space available to freeze hatchery fish (gutted & gilled) and give them to people who need or want them. Show me your "marked" catch record card for the fish and I'll put in my freezer and give the fish to someone who wants or needs it, and I'll require marking their card too. So, catch one get two marked cards for one fish. WDFW may have a problem with falsifying catch record cards but I'd think we could come up with a legal solution to that, no problem keeping records! Truth is, in Klickitat, people who don't fish might buy a license to fish if they knew they could get a fish or two a week...and they'd never fish. Those that do fish would fish less frequently if they could just go pick one up.
  8. Rolf, there is no need for double punching as there is a legal process for this. See page 12 of the Regs:

    You may not: "Possess another person’s Game Fish unlessit is accompanied by a statement showing the name, address, license number, date, county, and area where it was taken, and the signature of the angler who harvested it."
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  9. I totally agree with the mandatory retention and limit reduction.

    But, I also really like the idea of having some sort of classified waters system similar to B.C. Maybe you can limit the number of days for fishing, have a permit raffle, or just even have additional fees associated with fishing it. Since the Klickitat is largely a destination fishery, the people who didn't receive a permit, won't pay the fee, or are looking to fish on a closed day would likely just go someplace else. A classified waters system would likely not reduce angler opportunity, but would reroute a portion of it away from a system and fish stock that can't hold up to massive pressure. There are always substitutes for summer run fishing for hatchery fish, including the Deschutes, which is very close.
  10. So since it apparently is out-of-area destination anglers putting too much pressure on the fish, and doing most of the whining about crowds, there is one simple solution that will kill two birds with one stone:

    Limit fishing on the Klickitat to residents of Klickitat county only.

    This could be expanded state-wide so that an angler could only fish for steelhead in their county of residence. This would relieve pressure on the fish, and take care of crowding everywhere except a handful of counties. In those counties, some means of controlling overcrowding and pressure on the fish could be adopted, such as the Classified water system, a lottery, high fees, etc.
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  11. certainly would limit the pressure on the hoh, since nobody from forks or port angeles could fish it.
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  12. you could probably have a legal form drafted with spaces for people to sign and date it and a description of their catch.. you could even make a copy for the local WDFW office.
  13. With all due respect I think this is not about pressure on the fish, rather it is about crowding on the river.

    I would not support something that limits angler opportunity, for the sake of less crowded water, and I suspect nether will the WDFW as it would be counter to one component of their mission.

    As for locals only or classified waters, well...no. I guess I could see some merits if the waters were restricted to Washingtonians, but Klickitat County? And if its WA only, you won't see a dent since BC classified waters allow non-locals to fish with guides on "local only" days (I think...its been a while since I read the regs).

    Crowds can suck, but don't always. The rule proposal is kind of like putting $5000 worth of wheels and tires on a junker car. It will cost a lot, may look good from a limited perspective, but ultimately does not improve anything at all. The Steelhead in the Klick are not in decline from angling pressure. Nor are the Kings. There could be an argument for mismanagement.

    But, so that nobody worries I am part of the problem...when I fish the Klickitat in the fall I fully intend to kill every legal fish I catch. In a perfect world that will include three Kings. Its my civic duty to remove them and feed my horde of children with them.

    If that means I take a boat ride down to the take out a little early...I'm OK with that. More time for drinking :)
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  14. C&R mortality and impacts are a red herring. It's a made up problem.

    Crowding mand angler behavior may be an ssue.

    Eliminate guides, things will improve for the fishermen.

    Go Sox,
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  15. I'm willing to try. I've made costly attempts before.
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  16. That would be one surefire way to get us Skagit County folks driving to Canada...and if WDFW doesn't get their permits, or only a few of them, I could see a riot developing.

    With that rule in place, and no other changes, two years from now the Skagit county residents with the most robust wild steelhead run in all of Puget Sound, and possibly one of the best runs in the state, will be unable to fish anywhere...in the state...for steelhead.

    I don't like your idea...gotta be another way. :)

  17. 1. I would fully support something that limits angler opportunity for the sake of less crowded waters... Why?? because not every river needs to be a hatchery slaughter house guide factory as the Klickitat has become... Some places should be managed for a quality fishing experience not a quantity harvest/ opportunity and the Klickitat is one of them....

    2 Crowds ALWAYS suck...
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  18. Say's you.
  19. but overcrowding and selfish people is a real problem and detracts from the resource and the experience and YES that is important
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  20. Like this selfish people who want to tweak the regulations to make it easier for them to get to fish the river all by their lonesome?

    Yeah, some people!

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