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    If we could only get the rod manufacturers to quit catering the angler, there would be less anglers on the rivers and lakes... ;)
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    another non sequitur from the Fin man.
  3. Rob Allen

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    some people just want their actions to be accepted no matter what it doesn't matter that their actions are bad . they just think you should accept them and if you don't then you are the bad guy.. this entitlement attitude goes much deeper than just fly fishing but fishing is the context in which we wage our battle. some things are bad for sport fishing, some things are bad for the sport of fly fishing and some things are bad for wild fish.. no matter how much some people like to do them and want them accepted they are still bad.

    I'll use the golf analogy again.... would it be ok for a guy to just play through a hole while someone else is playing it? after all they are not keeping you from getting your ball in the hole... that is supposed to make it ok???

    bad behavior on the river should not be tolerated nor should it be accepted by the fly fishing community nor should pushing rivers to overcrowding.
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    Thanks for all the replies to this thread, especially to those who got the point, like klickrolf and many others. It was not about the guides, bait, boats, beads, centerpins, gear fishing or the WDFW at all. IT'S ABOUT THE FISH! Thank you also to anyone who took the time to submit a proposal to the WDFW on any fishing regulation issue. This thread is dead and I suggest to anyone who wants to keep the rants going, start your own thread. Tom
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    I've fished around many a jackass,but never a monkey. Nice to see that at least the animals can fish to gather in harmony unlike the humans.
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    This furry shit is getting way out of hand.
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    First page, first post....great!!! Its a great idea and everyone wins. Boaters, bankies, guides and anglers all win. Will it be hard to enforce? Sure will, but so is speeding and cell phone laws. Just because it's hard to enforce doesn't mean sh*t. Lets do it. for the rest of the cry baby fest on the other 80% of this thread, I think I have an idea of whats going on...

    So we don't want hatchery steelhead in any of our rivers, but we piss and moan when our hatchery plant rivers have too many people on them and they are catching the hatchery fish we want to catch? hmmmm...suspicious. So if this whole fly fishing thing isn't all about catching fish and filling the freezer, and is more about the love of the outdoors and being in nature like so many of us claim....why let the crowds bother us so bad? What happened to "I don't care if we catch anything, fish are just a bonus. I just love being out here?" If that were true, people sharing the same river wouldn't be that much of an issue would it. Ever hear a brand new, first day fly fisher bitch about crowds? nope, because they truly are happy just to be out.

    Lets get real here just for a second please. The more people and guides that are on a river means less chance of a single angler hooking up and that is what everyone is worried about when they see crowds. Nothing more. It lessons the chance you'll catch a fish and that's why people get upset. But please, continue to pass off the selfish motives under "it's for the river", you might fool someone at some point.
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    nope that's not it.

    less people = a better experience all around. I would like at least one place to go and not get run over by boats or cut off by some jerk. The Klickitat used to be the place. Now it's not. A new breed of angler has moved in and taken over effectively shoving others out of their way.

    if it were up to me i would

    1 quit planting hatchery fish
    2. limit the number of guides to 6 ( first dibs for the guys who have been there the longest)
    3 create stretches where you cannot fish from a boat
    4 create sections where you cannot use bait.
    5 cut some one off or float through them they get to slash your tires.
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  9. David Dalan

    David Dalan 69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E

    I'm not sure about 1-4, but if needed I think #5 is already doable.
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  10. jake-e-boy

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    While you're at it maybe you could go back in time and not screw over the yakama nations.
  11. Rob Allen

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    why would I want to do that?? you know I married into the Oglala Sioux nation and they were pretty warlike but I don't think they ever held a grudge against the Yakimas and if they did i am sure it has long since passed.
  12. Luke77

    Luke77 I hope she likes whitefish

    While we're on the topic of ridiculous ideas; require a permit to fish ANY river and only residents in the same county as the river can get the permit. If you love the Klick so much and want solitude, move to Klickitat county...otherwise stay away.
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  13. jake-e-boy

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    Does it still count as nymphing if I run a bead trailed behind a yarnie?
  14. Charles Sullivan

    Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

    Eliminate guides.

    Go Sox,
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  15. Rob Allen

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    funny, given you appear to be from Yakima. that said i am ok with your proposal
  16. Luke77

    Luke77 I hope she likes whitefish

    Proposing a solution that affects everyone BUT me would be selfish and this issue isn't about self. I have no problem holding myself to the same standards as others if it was the right thing to do.
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  17. bennysbuddy

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    I think not allowing fishing from boats on certain sections may have some merit in giving the fish a place to rest & providing a place for the wade fishers to fish . I liked the concept of no boat fishing when I fished with a guide on the crowded Big D in oregon
  18. jake-e-boy

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    Yakama, the evil white people butchered the spelling when they created that disgusting city

    you are the one that suggested stopping hatchery plants. i'm sure the yakama nations living in klickitat would be fine with that if the evil white people had not screwed them over and made it one of their only sources of income
  19. Rob Allen

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    hmmm it is hatchery plants that are making the native chinook go extinct... They can make no claim to be about the resource and about their cultural heritage and continue on as they are the two things are mutually exclusive.

    Doh a Yakima tribal member is more than welcome to go get a job any time they wish. Are they the same ones that fish Drano and leave dead fish rotting on the bank everywhere????

    I have the upmost respect for the tribes. I have not seen any reason to respect tribal fishermen of late with the notable exception of the tribe using seine nets and releasing wild chinook on the upper columbia.

    Now everyone is due some respect simply by being a human being but that's another issue altogether.

    If the Yakima's tribal fishermen and fisheries managers would act in a respectful manner i would respect them.

    You are right however it's a nasty town... still it's about a million times nicer than Portland.
  20. jake-e-boy

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    ah yes, because the booming metropolis of Klickitat is ripe with employment opportunities.

    and it is still yakama